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The dreamer, the chosen father, and unsung hero…

      Joseph, the dreamer and ‘father’ of God’s child During this time we recall there is another Joseph in the Bible who dreams, he is the adoptive father of Christ, and it would seem has a number of

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Christmas wishes and blessings

Hi As you enter in to the festive season whether you are caroling, decorating your tree, having fun, checking out the Christmas light displays, or simply watching on with joy as children celebrate Christmas, we pray you are able to also find

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Merry CHRISTmas!!!

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Blessings and Peace from Above As He is…so are we View original post

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Because He knew..and knows

Christmas, what an amazing time of the year, so much to celebrate, and yet even in these last few days we here of great tragedy, particularly relating to a school in a city called Peshawar (Pakistan), and a home in

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Jesus wept

We should never underestimate the love Christ has for the children of His creation, and most of all for the smallest… So one can only imagine the tears He sheds for such evil perpetrate deliberately targeted at children. Or

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We thank the Lord that any plans of the enemy of peace would be laid bare, and thwarted, coming to nought. Even the voice of the enemy silenced. Let life and joy fill its place. And to those who do

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Digital Tsumani and the New Machine Age

We are now in the midst of one of the greatest changes to occur in society, perhaps even greater than the Industrial Age, however business and government are generally ignoring it, and in fact largely still applying economic rationalism or

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