Prophetic insights to the year 5783 and 2023: Water, Wind, and Fire

(A prophetic word for your prayerful discernment through our Lord Jesus Christ)

Deal bountifully with Your servant, that I may live and keep Your word. Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from Your law. (Psalm 119:17-18)

5783/2023: The year of the Voice of the Wind: Expansion and fruitfulness are key themes for this year. Voices seeking more, and those who have prospered in the new developments and houses, start to walk in its riches. The poor cry out, and some of those who prosper heed their call. Movement, and change unfolds, the winds blow strong. This year marks the season where the Voice of the Spirit of God is made manifest. A season too, of water, wind, and fire. This in unfolding revelation, and marks the beginning of an era.

As we are already well and truly in to 2022, we also need to consider what lies ahead in 2023 (and the overlapping Hebrew year of 5783) and beyond. How do we ready for the great movements that will become more obvious next year, where the new things will start to take shape? A season where global movement will truly open up, as doors open wide, while others will be forced to move. A time where those rich in spirit and natural resources will pursue the poor, and great evangelism movements will start. A time when waves, rivers and seas confound us, and so to we see great moves of the Spirit. A year when fire falls.

The breath of God

As the Lord brooded over the dry bones of the past, He lifted His prophetic voice and called them back together. He then gathered to the bones the sinews and things of the flesh, starting a new work based on ancient foundations. The covering then comes, giving form and the ability for outward function. This new leadership cherishing the hidden ones, knowing through them the Lord gives the ability for the body to function. And now comes the breath of God, the mighty winds from the four corners, as the Lord gives life to His army, and they rise up to expand His kingdom.

Movement and revival in surprising places

Movement is coming, as God reorders things according to His plans, restoring structures according to His design, rebuilding His kingdom of God structures, particularly the church. For those hungry for Him, will follow and responding to the wind of the Spirit. A generation emerges, even an older one, who seek the move of the Spirit, and so it comes as the move in worship and dance with Him. Could this also be revival in the liturgical churches? This reordering of those in the body of Christ is necessary, to reset to His plan.

This movement also looks like chaos, the troubling seas. For the storms of life send many in many directions. Troubles continue to unfold across the worlds stage, ones however that force great movements of people, wars and famine. While on the other hands, many choose to move more freely as the gates of the past open, and the ‘abroad’ beckons.

Expanding in to new things

This marks a season of expansion and increase. Where those who followed the call to new developments prosper and grow, and so to the poor who open there hands…seeing the riches come. For many this season truly marks the beginning of a new chapter in life, one that will bring growth, but also means the end of another. You have dreamt about this new things, even prayed in to it, but the thought of what needs to be left behind has hindered you moving. Now is the time, for death comes to the old, and the reason for staying is gone. The end means a beginning.

Riches will follow you

There is a grace in this year for receiving the riches of God, and the wealth of the nations. As we speak to the mountains, pray to receive, and open our hands in faith, we will receive. This not only speaks of financial blessing, but much more so, of the riches that satisfy the soul and spirit, the treasure of heaven, faith, and the good news that redeems. The camels (those bearing blessings) are coming to encourage us in God’s word. May He open our eyes to see the goodness of the Lord. There is stirring in the heart of those who have to pursue those who have not. These who pursue will see heavens doors open on their lives, as they give what the Lord has given them to sow. Great evangelistic movements unfold as the desire of those to feed the poor of spirit arises.

There is peace in the chaos

And a great windstorm arose, and the waves beat into the boat, so that it was already filling. But He was in the stern, asleep on a pillow. And they awoke Him and said to Him, “Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?” Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm. (Mark 4:37-39)

As nature groans and creaks under pressures of the sins of humanity and a decaying world, as it waits for its Redeemers return, troubling seas, rivers, and winds will arise. Perhaps, such as not been seen for a Millenia. Wars and other storms of life, also giving rise top a flood of humanity in chaos. Great waves arise, flooding too of river basins, and powerful winds blow destruction. But, prayer is the key. For in the intercession of the saints, refuge and safety is found, and the troubled waters can be made still. Remember the high places. Speak to the storms.

Places to watch for waves are coming

• China – movement; The Lord is watching you. He will raise up the Greater Eastern Empire, but this will need division, and movement. Remember pride goes before a fall.

• India – floods of peoples, water, and of the Spirit of God

• Eastern seaboards – the waves; Some continents will feel the strength of great waves, be ready.

• Russia – the winds of change will blow strongly; The shedding of innocent blood is on your hands, and it cries out before the Lord, as is the days of Cane and Abel. An unrepentant heart causes you to wander in the wilderness, so turn afresh to Him, seek forgiveness, make amends, and double will be your restoration.

• Yugoslavia – the storm;

• Europe – a boiling pot; the actions of Russia are creating deeper alliances within Europe, the failing of the Kremlin is that in their actions in Ukraine they have created the very thing they feared, a stronger Europe. In years to come many will see this as the turning point, and the rise of the new European bloc, a force that can shape nations, but without a heart of righteousness can also do greater evil.

• Africa – riches and famine; North versus south, east versus west, these are plagues that must end. For your destiny is of a land of great strength, but division holds you back.

• Australia – weeping, and yet a time where their alliance with the USA and UK deepens as they strengthen there defences in the natural and the spiritual.

• United Kingdom – your strength for the coming season is in unity, not division. As a force for righteousness, and to counter the turning tide of the European bloc, you have a calling to carry the sword of faith. Watch out for the spirit of rebellion in Scotland, born of a pride, those voices operate outside the perfect will of God. Seeking to divide, rather than unite, what comes of such people? Born in war, let not the blood shed be done in vain, rather may the blood of Christ Jesus wash away the stains of the past, and a unity of the brethren command the blessing of the Lord.

• Spain – Seek peace at all cost, for you cannot bear the price of war.

• Japan – Remember death means the beginning of new things. Mark well the treads you make, may the Lord order your steps as the new nation emerges. One of strength in humility, a people who honours and knows well its identity, being God’s bright light amongst the emerald seas.

• South America – Healing, a time of healing. Moved by compassion, the Lord Jesus moves in your midst, and whole places are healed.

• New Zealand – Your resolve will be tested, and your true heart revealed. Strengthen the alliances of old, for in them you will find the favour needed for restoration.

• North America – Fire, in the natural and in the spiritual. But be warned, the fire of God is not like the fire of man.

Insights from ancient Hebrew

83 = Pey (פ); Gimmel (ג) = The mouth, Word of God; Camel, walk into prosperity, move, promised land fruit, provision, riches for the poor, the third person.

23 = Kaf (כ); Gimmel (ג) = Palm, Give, Receive, Divine answer/heaven to earth, prayer; Camel, walk into prosperity, move, promised land fruit, provision, riches for the poor, the third person.

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  1. Hallelujah!! Thank you Lord for explaining and confirming your word !!! LORD I BELIEVE 🙌🏾😭❤️

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