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The Lord has heard, He is on the move..

Psalms 18:10 ‘And He rode upon a cherub, and flew; He flew upon the wings of the wind.’ Can we hear what the Lord God is saying through His creation? Psalms 19:1-4 The heavens declare the glory of God; And

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Quake Warning…Pray

Earthquake: 8.0 – Peru, 75 km SSE of Lagunas on Sun., 26/5/19, 5:41 pm AEST. (via QuakeWatch) Be alert, pray, for this is a warning of another large quake to come in a different place…where cities and rice come together.

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Australian Federal Election…Course correction begins

When we consider the the miraculous result of the Australian Federal election on the weekend, see this link, and the unlikely victory of a Liberal/Nationals coalition Government led by Scott Morrison, we are witnesses of the strong arm of God

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The Lord God hears you

‘In my distress I called upon the Lord, And cried out to my God; He heard my voice from His temple, And my cry entered His ears. “Then the earth shook and trembled; The foundations of heaven quaked and were

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Eagles arise; Kings come forth..the Lord calls to you

From the rising to the setting sun, the call of God is going out, summoning His eagles to their nations. There are a few that the Lord God is calling at this time, even by name. These ones are kings

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Fire will come…

(Image: Diana Ayana, Beniot Tessier, Christophe Petit Tesson, Beniot Tessier) Some amazing imagery summarising the apparent impact of the fire of Notre Dame Cathedral … and yet it goes much deeper than we observe. The fire came, the wood and

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Notre Dame Cathedral Fire..a sign to make you wonder?

When considering the fire of Notre Dame Cathedral, this sign calls to mind insights from the Lord about the rise of His witnessing church, and the cleansing fire of the Lord Jesus that prepares His Bride.

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