The following future insights have been received over time from the Lord Jesus. We encourage you to seek the Lord for yourself in both testing these, as well as seeking directions for your life. In posting these we understand that these can be unfolding revelations, as well as an opportunity to pray and see the warnings not come to pass.

See also blog posts under the “prophecy” category on the home page.

New beginnings – and more prophetic insights into this season, 2022 (5782), and beyond

What is coming in the 2030s (Hebrew 5790s)

A word for the State of Victoria

Prophetic glimpses in to 2022 (and Hebrew year 5782)

The New Apostolic Movement – the Bride revealed

A prophetic prayer on war

Prophetic prayer for the United Kingdom

Prayer and prophecy for the USA

A prayer for Australia

Prophetic prayer for Brazil

Interceding for Canada

Prophetic intercession for Russia

Interceding for China

A prophetic prayer for New Zealand

Prophetic prayer for Africa

Intercession for India

A prayer and prophecy for North Korea

Interceding for Indonesian

Purifying the Prophetic Voice

Prophecy: 2021, new beginnings, and the paths ahead

The throne of the Presidency of the USA

The King shall laugh (A word relating to season of COVID-19, Shaking, Whirlwinds, US Presidential Elections, Storms, Fire, and more)

The Word is the Beginning (A prophetic word relating this season, including 2021 and 5781)

The Decade of the Mouth and the Open Hand (2020 – 2030)

Prophetic insights for 2021 and 5781 and beyond

Divided we fall, but United we Stand – word for UK, US, Church, COVID-19, and other

He is in the boat with us

Blueprint for the Transformed Church

When the tide turns

Wave after wave

The Rise of the Believer

A prophetic word for this time

To birth something beautiful

The waves of change

Chapter’s End..means another begins (2020 and its season)

Fire and Water: This is 2020 (and 5780)

Watching the nations from God’s perspective

Some Insight for 2020 (and the Hebrew year 5780)

The Wait ….brings destiny

2019 : The Birth of the Witnessing Church

The Year and Season Marked by 2019 and Hebrew year 5779 – The Call to Prayer

What the Year and Season Marked by 2018 and Hebrew year 5778 brings

Voices of Justice and Righteousness Prepare the Way

The Year and Season Marked by 2017 and Hebrew year 5777

The Council of God…is here

2016 and Hebrew year 5776 (and beyond) – and more on this season

The Council of God…a Foundation to Creation

2015 and Hebrew year 5775

Come Up Here

Black Swan

Seer’s manual (The Surveyor’s Rod)

Ancient Prophetic Tools

Times of Restoration

What to expect in 2014 summarised

Words for 2013 and Bet Challah

Some Words Nov 2012 update

Words for 2011 and 2012 and unfolding

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