When the tide turns

When the tide turns, and it will turn, waves of humanity will be washed up, cast upon the shore. Let the true church arise, the body of Christ, to be His net that catches them up and leads them to pools of living water, and not left high and dry in deserts, and in houses built on sand.

The ecclesia of God, who meeting from home to home, business to business, and in their prayer closets, will individually and together be His church. These minister as royal priests to the sea of humanity that will be driven ashore by great waves of fear, emptiness, and despair. In this chaos, those born of the Spirit, and carried by Him, will be in the right place to bring in the great harvest of mankind for the glory of the King, leading them to the great Shepherd, who gives hope and peace.

This is not church as we know it, this is the living body of Christ, truly led by His love, His Spirit. Now is time for the Believer to arise, freed from religion, and its spirits, united in Christ by His Spirit. With One head, they move as He guides.

From safe havens, places of healing, He sends about many light vessels, coming and going, being healed, and bringing healing, these are the ones who trust in the Lord, the wind of His Spirit, and abide in His heart.

These catchup the lost souls, moving swiftly, and yet connected by His love and His Spirit, in the apparent chaos, they move in unison with His will. For His heart for those hidden in darkness is great, and He transforms His church in to the Bride to bring them light. This is not a time for big ships, rather a flotilla of the many, whose reach is broad, and movement is swift, and yet in the Lord their strength can survive the greatest storm. This is the ingathering.

A prophetic word for your prayerful consideration and discernment with our Lord Jesus Christ.

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