seer n. In vbl senses; (esp.) prophet, person who sees visions, person of preternatural insight esp. as regards the future. [Oxford Dictionary ‘78]


Seer Services

In addition to the heart of Kingdom Associates to host the presence of God in intercession and worship, we also offers a range of future insight or “seer” abilities to assist your organisation to prosper.

The seer services are provided based on God given gifts to be able to see:

  • The spiritual, structural and relationship aspects of an organisation to reveal issues or opportunities that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to discover utilising traditional management consulting techniques
  • Future events that could impact your business or environment
  • Plans from the Lord God for your business, community or organisation.

Importantly, as such abilities are a gift from God, so to the services are provided to those specifically seeking such input as a gift. Any financial or other offering for services rendered would be totally at the discretion of the company or organisation. Any request for these seer services would be prayerfully considered, and assistance provided on the leading of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.

As a devoted Christian we believe such insights are provided as a gift from Christ to assist all reach their potential, and as a result of His care and love for all. Any insights are provided only as the Lord permits. We seek to use this gift to serve the broader community and not just those who are Christian. In practicing such gifts, we do so in my understanding of the Biblical basis for such abilities, and seek to verify such insights with other mature ‘prophets’ who have many years experience in the use of such abilities. Outputs often presented as a written report providing insights and understanding inspired by the Lord, and incorporating appropriate knowledge and skills gained during my life.

Such services offer another tool to your future planning toolbox, and should be seen as something that provides input in to your needs, and offered in the understanding that God cares for all and has a good plan and purpose for all.

Prophetic words regarding insights for the church, broader community, and nations are shared from time to time on the ‘Prophecies‘ section of this website. Please go to that page if you are wishing to read them.

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