Crimean mistakes

As we see Russia’s bold and illegal separation of Crimea from the rest of Ukraine, it is obvious that once again we see how the threat of war, and the frailties of diplomacy can be easily utilised by those who do not “play fair”. The parallel between Putin and Russia, and Hitler and Germany, should … More Crimean mistakes

Future Technology Challenge

Smart cities, where technologies in traditional IT (e.g. PCs, smart phones, tablets, applications, Internet of things, etc) links with technology in things (e.g. Street lights, parking lots, waste management, signs, traffic lights, air conditioning, cars) to improve services, sustainability and livability. A great merger of IT and OT (operational technology)..but also one that present great … More Future Technology Challenge

Diplomacy works?

As we observe Russia relies on the fact we believe it does…but they do not care. The lack of agility of the UN, EU and NATO makes there response unable to address such flagrant breach of normal diplomacy. History repeating itself indeed.

Heidi Baker Word at Healing Rooms Conference May 2013

Heidi Baker Word at Healing Rooms Conference May 2013 Prophetic word spoken by Heidi Baker at the Inpouring Outpouring Conference on Friday, 17th May, 2013: “The Lord showed me during worship… He said that Australia was going to …woh! … see rivers in the desert… rivers in the desert… woh! I felt like there was … More Heidi Baker Word at Healing Rooms Conference May 2013

What to expect in 2014 (and beyond)

What to expect in 2014 (and beyond) Summary: Doors open, time shift, sudden expansion, re-emergence, supernatural supply, new vision, God’s hand on His house, family, standing in the gap, alignment of clocks, and unfolding prophecy fulfilled. Key Scripture – Philippians 3 Doors open – As the Hebrew alphabet suggest for the picture of 14 (Yod Daleth), expect … More What to expect in 2014 (and beyond)