Crimean mistakes

As we see Russia’s bold and illegal separation of Crimea from the rest of Ukraine, it is obvious that once again we see how the threat of war, and the frailties of diplomacy can be easily utilised by those who do not “play fair”. The parallel between Putin and Russia, and Hitler and Germany, should not be overstated, but are right in this way. Putin is certainly using patriotic fervor, fear, and bullying to pick off areas of interest, relying on the fact the “West” will also be prepared to sacrifice some to save war. We should not underestimate the threat on neighbouring regions – the West must be prepared to make a clear, on the ground presence in those nations. Putin will have no response to that…it is up to those nations to invite such military presence. Will European learn from the two WW’s? A slow response eventually ended in war.

Putin and his strategists are seeking to restore the more control, and a new Soviet Union, and perhaps cement his desire to become the new Russian Csar. People of Russia do not be deceived, you are being played along using pride and “religious language” in order to support his desire to become much more than the President. His is appealing to popularity…for his next term is upon you. Sure Russia may see this as a reasonable response to the pro-European uprising in Kiev, but as stated by Putin, it really was part of the plan to pull back more of the old Soviet. After all who initiated the former President of Ukraine to side with Russia (knowing what that will cause). As Russian orthodoxy seeks control of the outer gate to the Holy Land, so other forces rush in to crush such a move. History repeats itself.

In reality Putin will pay for this move, but in ways he cannot foresee. The Lord is not fooled, you have not sort His will and purpose in this. This battle goes beyond part of the Baltic states – and even Russian expansion – and is more about ancient forces fighting East versus West Europe. Putin you have alienated others, and providing more support for Europe by other parties in the world (US, India, Australia, Canada etc.), and you cannot win. China will not support you as Europe succeeds in reducing your strength, as they ave their own plans…Korea and Taiwan. Russia will seek and ally in China, but their is price to pay. Old empires will fall, new ones will emerge. In time Russia will be split …is that really worth all this Mr. Putin (and your dogs of war). In the name of Jesus pull back.

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