A Warning to Royal and Political Leaders

In these days where western countries seemed to increasingly have governments of hedonistic socialism that are anti-God, so the people can pursue the own desires; and other Asian and developing countries have ruler more set on their absolute rule, and opposing the Lordship of Christ, they could all do well to remember the fate of … More A Warning to Royal and Political Leaders

Tsunami warning

Earthquake: 5.5 – Japan, Kyushu on Wed, 21/11/18, 5:09 am AEST. (via QuakeWatch) Sense the Lord is warning us about a Tsunami that could impact Japan in the near future, likely the Kyushu region. While the above quake certainly will not do this, its occurrence was confirmation to me of a forecast I felt that … More Tsunami warning

The praying prophet

God speaks to us in many ways, and this includes through His creatures. Consider the sign of a ‘praying mantis’, where the word mantis is from the Greek for prophet. Should you see this little chap turn up at different times, or in different way, be sure that God could be speaking to you. See … More The praying prophet

The walk of love

Consider the walk of Christ, and that as believers in Him we are to walk in His ways – by the power of His love in us (for Him), and the enabling of the Holy Spirit. Christians, and the church, have need of the fire of God’s love to cleanse themselves of many ways that … More The walk of love