Watcher’s insights: Quakes and their impacts

Often when people see a quake occurring in one place on the earth, it seems they make no correlation to what other impacts it may cause other than in the immediate area in which it occurs. Maybe they might consider a possible Tsunami, but nothing else….but this is not what the seer prophet sees.

Look again, and remember a quake releases a pulse of energy at a level beyond understanding, and its ripples travel through atmosphere, land, and sea, and along pulse lines, where their unheard but very present sound wave carries great force.

As a recent example consider the storms currently impacting Italy.

Then consider the fact within the last week there have been around 9 quakes in the Ionian Sea within direct lines of this nation. Really it is not within some normal thought they you may wonder if these could be an issue in the surrounding areas of places like Italy or Greece or other places, and yet because sight is blinded by natural geosciences people do not look outside the box.

Such pulse can operate and cause similar issues, e.g. quake pulses creating extreme weather events or other quakes, over larger distances. Such events often witnessed in the Pacific. The good news is that if we have eyes to see, and understanding from God on the implications of the pulses, we can in the name of Jesus, and as seated with Him, intercede or act in other ways, as He leads, accordingly.

Submitted for you to test before God.

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