Prophetic voices needed to speak into the new world…now

Singularity, suggested by one famous writer to come around 2045 and others believe earlier, when the synergistic and exponential nature of various technological development have the potential to turn humankind upside down, or progress to a new era of high order expression.

The question is how to move with this progression. This can not be controlled, aka the Luddite theory, or necessarily feared, we must remember that humanity is not defined by algorithms (even self learning one with embedded chaos theory rules)…which generally only deal in the body and part soul aspects of our being, but not the rest of our soul or whole spirit. Ironically, in it my view that there are ancient clues revealed in the Bible, particularly the teachings of Christ, as to how we should respond that need to be rediscovered. #robotics #ai #ethics #singularity

Christians need to actively engage these developments to inform them with Kingdom of God principles, and prophesying the Lord’s desire in to this new world.

Check out this future….(see link)

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