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This is a faith based ministry, trusting in the Lord God for His provision. Your support for this ministry through prayer is greatly appreciated, and should you choose to help financially, or by other means, may you be blessed as you do so only by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Should you wish to give, then please go to our Donate page, where you can give via PayPal or Credit and Debit Card.

4 thoughts on “Contacts

    1. Cheryl
      Thanks for you post, I was using Australian date format (dd/mm/yy) which is different from the US I believe. I understand the blood moon to be occurring 8 October 2014. I am sorry if I have caused in confusion. It is certainly interesting times isn’t it. Much warfare, and yet much advance in the Spirit. I am watching to see what unfolds in October and then around March 2015…expecting amazing signs.
      God Bless, Brian

  1. Hi Brian, just came upon your site and love it. The Lord is speaking through you. Thank you. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on the rising ecclesia and on our identity regarding that?
    Thanks so much and Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Shirney1, thank you for your kind response, and a great question. Here is an abbreviated response. I am sure you know we only see in part, and there is much God can reveal on this topic through many others, and I share this with that in mind. In short, I believe that as we are found in Christ, we are also found in His priestly order of Melchizedek (the royal priesthood referred to by Peter in the Bible). This is one of royalty, sovereign rule, eternal, and of His kingdom that has no end and rules over all (Genesis 14, Hebrews 6&7, and Psalms 2 & 110, etc). We are also given His authority as He dispenses it (“go in My name”, “see I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy”, and so on). Added to that, the fact we (who believe in Him, know Him, seek His face, and wait in Him) are ‘seated with Christ in heavenly places’, and have ‘come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, to an innumerable company of angels’, would seem to highlight we are at the very least in the spiritual realm we are seated with Him in governmental throne room (gathered around Him in His governing council) – and from this place operating in a measure of His ecclesia, and as His ambassadors on earth, operate in His authority over the kingdom realms in which we are placed…as we intercede and prophecy according to His will and Spirit, and not lording over people as the world does.
      There is a sense that as the return of Christ nears, and we near His millennial reign on earth and heaven, there will be a growing/increasing revelation of His will to see heaven on earth made manifest, and more saints starting to gather around Him and govern from heaven to earth in Christ…with intention, and revelation knowledge. There is a feeling that this also entails specific callings and anointings. Ultimately in His return this government is made more manifest as revealed in Revelations, as well as by Christ in Matthew and Luke, and Paul in 1 Corinthians, and I understand that this revelation can function now as a kind of first fruits…knowing how He governs is different than the world does, and He does also govern through earthly kings and governmental systems as He chooses. Perhaps these ecclesia will become so manifest on earth in the near future worldly governments will model themselves on it as they witness their fruit…others will be blind to this inevitable truth. So I guess this is a long way of saying that while I see there is a rising ecclesia, my sense is that this has been available for many a year, and saints from time to time have moved in this realm to various levels. This will increase. I do think there are also offices of His government that He gives to those He chooses, and differing levels of governing responsibility, time, authority,, etc,…but that is another big story (and I sense my response is already to long), and one that is better informed by understanding that comes from the fuller counsel of God as revealed through His prophets, intercessors, and apostles. At one levels we who are found in Him all operate as part of our Lord’s Jesus government.
      I hope this helps a little – and sort of answers your question, but please test it with the Lord Jesus and His holy scriptures. Apologies if it seems to ‘teachy’, not my intent, as I am sure you have a great grasp on the subject, and see it from other great angles. I would be interested to hear yours.
      Have a wonderful New Year, and govern well in Him.
      God bless

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