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Super Blood Moon (Lunar Eclipse) Live Stream

A link to live lunar eclipse show courtesy of slooh. See also here:  

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A once in a Blue Moon Blood Moon Event – foreshadowing the future

Today (AEST) at 12:50pm there will be a full lunar (blood moon) eclipse…viewed in the northern hemisphere only. If you are in the Middle East look to the skies in the early morning (5:50-6:50) and you just might see this

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Quakes on the Rim of Fire

This day we saw a remarkable escalation of quakes on the rim of fire, particularly near Chile…but the reverberations will bounce around the rim. We continue to pray for Chile as the respond to this shaking, and consider the need for

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Essential Keys for a King

Here are essential elements (ways) that would mark a king (even a Prime Minister) destined to rule according to the Lord Jesus’ heart…and blessing. It is about walking in the leading of the Lord Jesus, and in His footsteps..all needing

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Jeff Jansen: “2015 Arise and Shine – America and Australia”

Check out this prophetic word issued through Jeff Jansen on the Elijah List…he has been declaring it afresh in Brisbane Australia this week. Get ready for the outbreak of God. Here is an interesting thing…he notes the shape of a

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Prophetic Insights for 2016 and Hebrew year 5776 (and beyond)

Insights to 2016 and Hebrew year 5776 Just looking at what the Lord God has revealed about these years through the picture He paints by the Hebrew characters representing these numbers, and the numeric values. In summary: It is about

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