Prophetic voices needed to speak into the new world…now

Singularity, suggested by one famous writer to come around 2045 and others believe earlier, when the synergistic and exponential nature of various technological development have the potential to turn humankind upside down, or progress to a new era of high order expression. The question is how to move with this progression. This can not be … More Prophetic voices needed to speak into the new world…now

Kingdom Leadership

The Bible defines a 5-fold leadership model that has eternal characteristics and given for the governance and guidance of Kingdom work. Such a model also provides guidance for effective leadership of an organisation on earth, as it is designed by God. Apostolic (and prophetic) leadership structure: 5-fold leadership gifts/talents given by Jesus Christ for leading … More Kingdom Leadership

Be alert for shaking

Threefold quakes between 6.5 and 6.8 occurred this day off the west coast of Canada. Be alert for these point to reverberating pulses that can (and will) trigger impacts elsewhere, however with intercession peace can come. Watch and pray, for the shaking continues, and strongholds tumble. Be alert gatekeepers of the Lord for Northern California, … More Be alert for shaking

Decree Life

Yesterday was truly very sad day for Queensland, and Australia, as we see another state government (Labor as usual) fail life! Who will arise to defend life. God will! Will we? So we as a society make adoption ridiculously difficult but abortion easy; we call the killing of an unborn child due to a robbery … More Decree Life