Decree Life

Yesterday was truly very sad day for Queensland, and Australia, as we see another state government (Labor as usual) fail life! Who will arise to defend life. God will! Will we?

So we as a society make adoption ridiculously difficult but abortion easy; we call the killing of an unborn child due to a robbery murder but not premeditated killing by the mother; we apparently do not think unborn children have any right but we give protection to unborn wildlife; we say we care for the elderly and frail and yet push for euthanasia….we are indeed a messed up people, and forget life and living is bigger than each of us. And we wonder why there is an increasing rise of violent crime where life seems to have no value, suicide rates are not abating, road rage is escalating, anxiety and stress levels are at all time highs, and society continues to fragment.

But God!

Jesus weeps for us, but He will rise in justice, righteousness, mercy and love and bring hope and new life. He calls us to rise up in boldness and speak His truth in power and the Holy Spirit. He declares “Life Abundantly”, and calls us to intercede and live for this, and the establishment of His government on earth (for man’s is failing). He urges us to go and preach the gospel of His kingdom, and by Him see it come on earth as it is in heaven, to take it by force of His love and power.

Let our righteous anger over the decision like the Queensland Government (influenced by the dark force of death and murder) be directed with fresh passion to living, praying, and prophesying the gospel of Christ and His kingdom.

Lord God, in the name of Jesus Christ, fan the flame within us your saint to passionately pursue Your great commission, prophesying life and light, and bowing our knee in intercession for our nations, seeking Your forgiveness, and seeing Your redemption come.

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