A Word for Toowoomba

The Lord would say for Toowoomba, He has looked upon the faithful hearts of those in this land, and nurtured them as a hen. He has seen their love and diligence, and pours out His rain to cause the seeds to break forth in flower; the bulb, that need cold days, will see sunshine and break through.

And, so there will be pockets of revival, as revealed by the gardens that come forth during the year, in places, here and there, and where the soil is prepared.

And yet there is much more, for the city is like Mount Zion, and the Lord would have it all come to Him, and the cloud of His presence be over every house, to be that bright and shining city on a hill, a lighthouse to the nation.

But, only those with clean hands, a pure heart, who have not sworn deceitfully, nor lifted their soul to an idol, may ascend this mountain.

“So come together, and reason with Me”, say the Lord, “and see if you are such a people. Turn from your ways, cause the kings to submit to Me, remove the idols from amongst My people, restore truth and love, and come afresh to the Fountain of Righteousness to cleanse yourself, and He, My Son, will visit you from on high, and with His light and fire, you will see your city set ablaze for Him. Declare afresh Christ the Redeemer, and His peace will make its home in you.”

Humbly submitted, for your testing with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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