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Children of Israel you are not alone

Israel, surrounded by so many nations who seek their destruction, surely those countries must realise this is folly. Make peace with Israel you nations, seek the mercy of God, for that is your better outcome. Their defender is the Lion

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Healing for West Africa

With the outbreak of the the deadly virus Ebola in West Africa, the lives of many have been impacted, and medical staff (including Christian aid workers) are literally putting their life on the line. With the news infections have passed a thousand,

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There can be peace for the Cossacks?

As the tragedy of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 spills across our lives, and we wait to see what the Russians or pro-Russian rebels will do given their denial of obvious guilt, we can only wonder what do the Cossacks of the

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Ancient Prophetic Tools

The Jacob Watch (the Watch of the Rod) Have you set your Watch of Prosperity and Justice, do you know of the ancient prophetic tool called “the rod”? Moreover the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Jeremiah, what

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