Here you will find a list of useful resources to assist you in finding and reaching your future.

Christian Ministries

The Kings Canopy Ministries

Bobby Connor Ministries

White Dove Ministries (Paul Keith Davis)

Cornerstone Community Church

Bible College of Wales

Lion’s Roar House of Prayer

Bethel Church (Redding, CA)

Glory of Zion

Brisbane Healing Rooms

Kathie Walters Ministry

Prophetic Tools

The Second Coming (Advent) – Devotional 

Surveyor’s Rod

Ancient Prophetic Tools

Ministering the Canopy of God

The Future Church…now

Blueprint for the Transformed Church

When the tide turns

Unquenchable fire

My Home, the House of Prayer


To birth something beautiful

The Rise of the Believer

A prophetic word for this time

Birth of the witnessing church

Kingdom leadership

Strategy and Evaluation

Community and Organisation Wide Strategic Planning (Future Search)

Evaluating Capacity Building (by Alliance for Nonprofit Management)

Evaluation Handbook (Kellogg Foundation)

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