The Second Advent

Christmas 2020 has come and gone, and while very different for all it seems, it was a blessing for many with its joyous time with family, but sadly that is not true for all. And yet, it is meant be to the climax of the First Advent of Christ, and an annual reminder of His second coming. With that in mind, I set out afresh on an advent journey (see here) with the Holy Spirit as my guide, looking beyond the first coming of our Lord Jesus to His soon return and the consummation of His work. My prayer is that in some ways God would speak to us, perhaps even bring a new perspective to the lives we live. And, rather than be a spectator to this greatest of all events, praying that by God’s Spirit, we would even have a glimpse of standing in that day as the prophet Daniel did. This would need to be a work of God, for many others have delved into the return of Christ much more effectively, and much has been written about the meaning of advent.

This devotional is simply a compilation of posts to the Kingdom Associates pages during Advent 2020, and is designed to be used with the Advent Calendar of the church, aligning to when it usually starts (late November or early December). Of course, you may choose to use it in other ways. There is an extra day or two included for when needed. May that which is of our Lord Jesus Christ bring a blessing to you, and only His truth remains throughout it all.

Yours in Christ’s service
Brian Beswick

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