The Rise of the Believer


“Moses My servant is dead..” (Joshua 1:2)

‘Then, behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom; and the earth quaked, and the rocks were split,’ (Matthew 27:51)

‘But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;’ (1 Peter 2:9)

In an era long, long ago, a Saviour rose to free the captives, and to call them up into their royal identities ministering unto the Almighty. And yet as He went back to His chamber to be with His Father for a season, releasing His Spirit to be their guide, a dark force swept across the land seeking to entrap the freed ones in snares of control, and concern. Once again many were left trapped in a false sense of freedom, trusting in new overlords, and deferring hard one authority to these invisible faces. But now the time has come, and a great shaking is occurring, the Almighty moving to break open the prison doors, preparing for the Saviour return. But, will the prisoners break free….

The Lord Jesus Christ took upon Himself[1] all sin and paid the price we could not pay. Pardoning us through His sacrifice, God calls us who believe in Christ Jesus as our risen Lord and Saviour, God, and King, to walk to the fullness our identities in Christ. This includes ministering to the Lord, and for Him. In Him we became new creations[2], born again[3] of the Spirit, He deposited[4] Himself by the Holy Spirit in to all His followers. We are filled with the fullness of God, and freely able to come into the very throne room of God[5]. Dying to self, and living for Christ, we mature into those who Jesus would call sons and daughter of God, and who would do greater thing than He.

No longer do we need others to be our priests, as in the days of Moses, to intercede for us, as Christ is our intercessor, nor have the need for the special ones who could go behind the veil to approach the very throne of God on our behalf. The Mosaic[6] priesthood died[7] at the cross, and now all of us His believers, are His chosen generation, a royal priesthood[8], and the nation of prophets Moses so desired to see fulfilled[9].

And yet, since the tearing of the veil[10], and the establishment of the new church[11] (the ecclesia – gatherings of the called out ones), many leaders have since being very busy trying to pull it back together, and to replace the old priesthood with one that looks much the same, only they fool themselves and others in to thinking otherwise. At its heart is a desire to control, and for the adoration of man. Seeking people to worship God through them, and even asking them to sacrifice (albeit often figuratively) children (or as witnessed in the abuse that has followed) for the greater good of ‘church’. The spirits behind this move being Molech[12], Baal, and Jezebel[13], egged on by Satan. Of course many followers preferred this approach calling[14] again for a king, rather that trusting in the reign of the King of kings, and looking to vicariously live out their faith through their pastors and priests, seeking to blame their failing on the rectors or those in church leadership. The ‘church’ is rife with this problem, with many false gatekeepers penning His people in, and it cannot remain so as the Bride (the body of Christ) is being prepared for the return of the Bridegroom[15], our Lord Jesus Christ.

Once again God has shaken the earth, and He is shaking the structures of men in the church. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, God has caused many doors of physical churches to be shut globally, to cause us to reflect on where we have come to, and to refocus our intention on to Him. Calling us back to Him and building[16] houses of prayer in our own homes and lives, God is moving sovereignly to release the believers into the royal priestly[17] roles, where they minsters all to the Lord, and to those who He sends us. No longer reliant on a mediator or leader to move, we are sent[18] by His word, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Our call is to abide with Him, deepening our relationship with God, and learning to move in His presence, love, and power. Rising to be mature sons and daughters[19] of our Heavenly Father, seated at the right hand of God[20].

Church is to be inside out, all about ministering into[21] the community, and not about bringing people in to an administrative or physical structure. In line with the Christ’s headship[22] and five-fold governance[23] model and mission, with an apostolic and prophetic leadership vision, there is a strong sense the Lord is calling us to a model of equipping the saints to be the royal priests they are commissioned to be out in the world, supporting them in their ministries in the region and community, rather than focusing resources on drawing people into ministries inside the church building, or for the churches structure. Leadership, does not lord[24] itself over us, rather seeks to coach and equip people into their destinies and encourages people to minister by the Holy Spirit in to all the aspects of the Kingdom of God, and His creation, in which people are placed. Workplaces, homes, schools, streets, shopping centres, government institution, aged care homes, hospitals, mothers’ groups, etc., all are our mission field, in and beyond the region, where the Lord places us, and calls us to go. Ministry will take all forms, from intercession through to leadership in government, evangelism in the school yard to prophecy in the marketplace, healing in the home to loving hands in the streets, ministering to the Lord or to the poor in your neighbourhood, and in the natural and spiritual realms.

We are to be building ‘my home the house of prayer’. Encouraged by the actions God has orchestrated through the COVID-19 crisis, we are to build on our homes being the houses of prayer, and in fact in His saints individually. Saints are to be encouraged to meet first in homes[25], sharing in the apostle’s doctrine, equipping and nurturing each other, and prayerfully supporting each as they are sent out two-by-two into the world. These homes being places of accountability, and love. Places to experiment and grow in the gifts of God, and to build each other up in the word of God. This is about family and aligning to God’s family. Most of all, homes are to be personal sanctuaries of God, where we learn to commune with Him in prayer and worship, truly knowing our Lord and Saviour[26].

Fed by His Word, watered by His Spirit, the work of any equipping work, ministry, and life, are to carry the hallmarks of the centrality of Christ, strength in the Bible as the word of God, living in and through the prophetic word of the Lord, and allowing the full expression of the Holy Spirit. Church services should be a model to members of that this looks like, and we need not be afraid of allowing the fullness of all His gifts being expressed in the services, and ministries…we cannot limit Him and believe we can be blessed to fulfil our calling. Religion needs to bow its knee to relationship with Christ, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. All home and church gatherings need to carry the heart of the living waters of God, flowing in the word, healing, prophecy, and the other gifts as given free expression, with the guidance of the Bible, and wisdom of the Spirit-filled leaders[27]. This will need encouragement as it is a big change for many and suggest continued training/freedom for practicing the gifts of the Spirit, including a regular school of the prophets, healing, and intercessions…a type of apostolic equipping centre. These should be mobile to avoid the risk of building yet more structures that contain the saints, rather than setting them free.

With the rise of the believer, comes the matching rise of kingdom of God leadership. The challenges are not small in adopting to this approach of church, and many will be challenged by the change. Leadership will be key in helping them to first develop a trust in their relationship with the Lord, assist in navigating the change, and need to be those who can go out to the home gatherings, workplaces, and other areas where the saints are meeting and ministering, helping to equip them for their specific roles. Key is trusting the Lord for His provision, and knowing it is about God building His church and expanding God’s kingdom, and not us trying to facilitate activities that will build or populate a physical facility. Some of the younger ones will rise to help lead, and the children will help provide direction. Submitting one to the other we grow in God and wisdom, learning from the elders of faith. We need wisdom to go with ministries that God’s hand seems to be on. Some may be in the church (as we allow those who need facilities to house groups or people), and others may be out there in the community. Fellowships need to shift their focus to God’s kingdom, rather than the church. God will build His church, as we pursue His mission to partner with Him in building His realm. Remembering any leadership will always focus people to the One leader, Christ, from which they should take their direction, restoring in us the kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God is shaking[28] us up, jail doors are also being busted open, and it is time for the mature sons and daughters to rise into their priestly roles, meeting with Him in heavenly places, and pulling down heaven into the earthly realms. This is a maturing work, and but one that He will now accelerate, and key is releasing the believers from the structures of man, to be friends and servants to the King of king, knowing He will provide us with all we need. Be not afraid, for God has given you all you need, now is the time to rise believers in Christ, to be His holy priests, ministering to and for Him in power, love, faith, and hope.

Be aware…the Lord God will prevail, His love and heart for His children will not fail, for He purchased us with the ultimate price of His Son, fills us with the spirit of adoption, so that we will be free, and abide with Him.

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