There can be peace for the Cossacks?

As the tragedy of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 spills across our lives, and we wait to see what the Russians or pro-Russian rebels will do given their denial of obvious guilt, we can only wonder what do the Cossacks of the area really think they can achieve in supporting such violence. For this is a proud people, who have a strong sense of identity, and yet tragically appear to see it residing in Russia, rather than who they are in Christ.

Please those Cossacks of the Ukraine (including Crimea), you are a people to be honoured, however history as dealt you hard hands as you have been betrayed, as you have sort identity and kingdom, but also rebelled. You cannot find peace in Russia or Europe, nor in war, or taking lands, you can though find peace in Jesus Christ, and that too is where you identity lies. Your identity is not found in war, that has been the real betrayal by your historic masters. Be defenders and advancers of His kingdom, though your weapons should be love, prayer and the word, not in the flesh. Know you cannot be contained by boundaries, nor find you home in one place, for you are a Euroasian people, who home is the Kingdom of God, and who can travel the world.

Your journey in this identity, must start with honour and truth. Seek forgiveness for the pain caused by the downing of MH17, reach out in peace to your brothers in the Ukraine, do not be deceived by the anti-Christ in the Kremlin, and rise up in to the mighty people you are…and watch as other will rise to honour you.

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