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Quakes – earth and storm See this article above, where scientists have discovered storm quakes related to energy pulses that emanate from massive storms. The pulses associated with earthquakes and storms are related. Science will discover this link as well. Pulses associated with quakes

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Philippines Prayer

Earthquake: 6.4 – Philippines, 7 km ENE of Columbio on Wed., 16/10/19, 9:37 pm AEST. (via QuakeWatch) Please keep watch and intercede for the Philippines, as earthquakes in this nation are intensifying at this time. May our Father in heaven

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A cloak of clouds

The Lord reigns; Let the earth rejoice; Let the multitude of isles be glad! Clouds and darkness surround Him; Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne. A fire goes before Him, and burns up His enemies round about.

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Please Keep Praying for Indonesia

Earthquake: 7.3 – Indonesia, 102 km NNE of Laiwui on Sun., 14/7/19, 7:10 pm AEST. (via QuakeWatch) As a seismic pulse seems to continue north past Australia, revealing itself off its coast, it emerges again in Indonesia. Please let us

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Please intercede for Indonesia and The Phillipines

Earthquake: 5.8 – Indonesia, 121 km WSW of Kota Ternate on Tue., 9/7/19, 4:52 am AEST. (via QuakeWatch) Earthquakes are intensifying in this area over the last few days, and major one is on its way…. BUT ‘if My people

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Quake Warning…Pray

Earthquake: 8.0 – Peru, 75 km SSE of Lagunas on Sun., 26/5/19, 5:41 pm AEST. (via QuakeWatch) Be alert, pray, for this is a warning of another large quake to come in a different place…where cities and rice come together.

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Prayer Alert re Volcanoes and Quakes

Be on alert and in intercession for those places the Lord has on your heart, and sound the alarm as He gives breath. The groanings of the earth are in a season of increase at the moment as structures are

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