Hawaii, Indonesia, NZ and USA..heed the warning

Volcanic Eruption, Tonga (Image: ABC News)

As we witness the power and tragedy of the volcanic eruption and tsunami in Tonga, the Lord brings a fresh reminder of the warnings He has been providing of larger events to come. For as the earth groans under the weight of sin and decay, the Lord in His mercy has provided prophetic warning so that we can act and pray.

Of particular concern is Hawaii, Indonesia, and the USA continent. Seemingly sleepy volcanos in the Pacific will come alive, so too the daughters of Krakatoa, and the deep fountains within the USA. Heed the signs, watch for them, and be prepared to evacuate, for the explosion of a volcano can cause an island to disappear, and great darkness to descend.

He warns us to pray, and act, calling on His hand of mercy.

(For your prayerful considerations in the name of Jesus Christ).

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