Continued Prayer for New Zealand…and be alert

Earthquake: 5.1 – New Zealand, 41 km NNE of Whakatane on Sun, 15/12/19, 7:52 pm AEST. (via QuakeWatch)

As this quake reveals, the authorities have reason to be careful about recovering missions from White Island after that dreadful disaster that occurred just less than a week before following a volcanic eruption. One that killed close to 20 people, and also injured many. The large ship (ocean liner) was camped in the bay, as some of its passenger decided to enter in to a volcanic areas despite elevated alerts warning of possible eruptions. Normal day-to-day history seemed to suggest they thought it should be fine, historically and prophetically, that sadly was not the case.

New Zealand, may you turn afresh to God for restoration, healing, and recovery, for surely major disasters have revealed that in your own strength there is no answer. For other places with such active volcanoes, e.g. Hawaii, Indonesia, amd the Mediterranean, heed the warning…please. For the Lord would say, there are lessons for other places to be learnt from this tragic event.

In name of Jesus Christ, I pray.

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