Continued Prayer for New Zealand…and be alert

Earthquake: 5.1 – New Zealand, 41 km NNE of Whakatane on Sun, 15/12/19, 7:52 pm AEST. (via QuakeWatch) As this quake reveals, the authorities have reason to be careful about recovering missions from White Island after that dreadful disaster that occurred just less than a week before following a volcanic eruption. One that killed close … More Continued Prayer for New Zealand…and be alert

Big Island, Big Explosion

Hawaiian volcanic eruption heating up….remember the prophetic warning. In the name of Jesus, heed the sound of His trumpet. Time to evacuate. Consider also the sudden escalation of quakes today, almost swarming, on the west side of the Pacific, with major run along tectonic lines indicating shift, and creating major magnetic pulses. Submitted … More Big Island, Big Explosion

Hawaii explodes – prepare to flee

As we can see the Big Island of Hawaii is erupting, and quakes are also now involved. See article at this link below: The Lord God has provided us prophetic warnings of what is to come. Please, in the name of Jesus Christ, if you live on that island (and perhaps even Hawaii) … More Hawaii explodes – prepare to flee