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Prayer Alert – Mediterranean Area

Earthquake: 5.8 – Central Mediterranean Sea on Thu, 21/5/20, 9:43 am AEST. (via QuakeWatch) This is an alert to intercessors to pray as they feel for countries and people in the Mediterranean Sea area. There has been two significant earthquakes

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The King’s Canopy Revealed

Today, my wife and I launched a new ministry and website. The King’s Canopy is essentially focused on abiding in the presence of God, within the canopy of His chamber. This place is in the heavenlies, and is about being

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A prayer regarding COVID-19

Below is a prayer, some of it shared during times of intercession in church at the beginning of the month, may it be added to the many prayers raised at this time, and bring encouragement for God’s people. ‘Lord God

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Watching the nations from God’s perspective

For the kingdom is the Lord’s, and He rules over the nations. (Psalms 22:28) and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, (Ephesians 2:6) As we enter a new decade, with

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Continued Prayer for New Zealand…and be alert

Earthquake: 5.1 – New Zealand, 41 km NNE of Whakatane on Sun, 15/12/19, 7:52 pm AEST. (via QuakeWatch) As this quake reveals, the authorities have reason to be careful about recovering missions from White Island after that dreadful disaster that

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Philippines Prayer

Earthquake: 6.4 – Philippines, 7 km ENE of Columbio on Wed., 16/10/19, 9:37 pm AEST. (via QuakeWatch) Please keep watch and intercede for the Philippines, as earthquakes in this nation are intensifying at this time. May our Father in heaven

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The praying prophet

God speaks to us in many ways, and this includes through His creatures. Consider the sign of a ‘praying mantis’, where the word mantis is from the Greek for prophet. Should you see this little chap turn up at different

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