New and deeper alliances..birthed in 2021 (5781), made manifest in 2022 (5782)

As God revealed through His prophetic words for 2021 and 2022 (aligning also with Hebrew years 5781 and 5782), new types of alliances and partnerships are being birth globally, and so to they will come in our own regions. In 2021 these relationships were being formed, in 5782/2022 they will take more shape, with structures starting to be built around them.

Such new relationship, may not necessarily be only about new alliances, but also see existing partnership go to new, and deeper levels, with a view to do new things. Forgetting the former things, they set many on a path in a different direction. Such ways have been seen by God, and His purposes will be fulfilled. New relationships are formed also to birth the new things God has prophesied to be made manifest in these day.

Watch and pray, for the Lord has also revealed these new global alliances are the pre-cursor to confrontation with common enemies in the season ahead. Brothers are being drawn in to war. Let us intercede, for God reveals this for a purpose, He can dispel war[1] to be no more than a rumour….or become the canopy and protector in times of battle.

Lord, open our eyes to see the new relationships, let us here the new voices that You are releasing in this decade. The words of God that prepare us for His greater works.

[1] Psalm 68:30

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