Olympics 2021 – marking an urgency for prayer

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Note: The following prophetic call is offered humbly for your prayerful discernment in the Lord, and for prayer.

As the nations gathers, albeit largely through the sports representatives, in Japan 2021 for the next Olympiad, I believe the Lord has revealed that this out of order global games marks a major milestone for world affairs. The Holy Spirit revealing that the schemes of men, as led by dark forces, will see some nations planning and acting for war. Hiding behind the distraction of this global event, in hidden rooms weapons are being traded, the machinery of war finalised, with dogs of war masquerading as athletes and officials, while unholy alliances are deepened…with one aim, the taking of land for the building of their empires, driven by pride and greed. The actors not only include those in Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran, but surprising partners lurk in their shadows.

But God, has called us to pray. He does not reveal these schemes for no reason, rather warns us in order to pray and act (Ezekiel 3:16-21). As we seek Christ, the Intercessor, and join with Him in prayer, His will be done. Wickedness and deception does seek to gain more territory, and its the fallen nature of men and women that seeks conflict. However, the Lord calls for kings and those in authority to use the sword to deal with such evil advances as needed (Romans 13:4).

May the Lord expose the schemes hidden in the shadows, disrupt the alliances of war, and cause the proud to fall, and so diminishing the impacts of such anger. May a world war be avoided, either becoming a limited regional conflict, or nothing at all. Or perhaps its days are shortened by His mercy (Matthew 24:22). As the family of nations become drawn in to battle, may His grace be with those who uphold righteousness, and the will of God.

for I know that You are a gracious and merciful God, slow to anger and abundant in lovingkindness, One who relents from doing harm.’ (Jonah 4:2b)

May His people rise up to join in His canopy of prayer, seeking God’s peace and protection, and reach out to the needy. Let us repent, and stand in the gap for our nations, interceding for the Lord’s mercy. May we be shaken out of complacency, and seek our Lord Jesus Christ with a desperate heart for the sake of our souls, the church, and the nation. Questions emerge, what will be the answer? Will conflict, the threat or its reality, be used to arrest the continual slide of greed and lethargy in this nation? Has COVID-19, and our apparent surrender of freedom for the deception of safety, taken our fight?

War, may seem inevitable in this fallen world, and even Christ revealed it would occur (Matthew 24:6). But as the Olympic Games 2021 draw near, and schemes for such devastation are being played out, the Lord has exposed them in order to prepare us, and to pray as the Lord leads.
Let us pray and intercede in Christ.

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