God watches over Taiwan

A prophetic prayer (from 7 January 2022)

Praying God places a hedge of fire around Taiwan, being their shield that China cannot invade. He extinguishes the fiery darts, causes curses to fall to the ground – Lift up His name, Jesus Christ, Lord of all.

Through the shaking and breaking of man made institutions in China, they will be humbled, and will withdraw from Taiwan, bringing restoration for Hong Kong. Such shaking seeing the South China Sea Islands of man collapse.

As Ukraine is for Russia, so Hong Kong and Taiwan are for China. No longer small children of China, they have grown in the Lord, and becoming their own nations. This is the Lord’s doing, for the far isles shall lift up His name. No longer can you demand their love, now they can choose to give love.

It is time for China to become a true father, honouring your sons and daughters, knowing they too can stand on their own feet. No longer shall you lord it over them as a master, rather encourage and nurture them as nations, called by God.

For your prayerful consideration in the name of Jesus Christ, God and Saviour.

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