Putin, the Lord is watching you

The Lord will speak to President Putin, causing Him to withdraw from war, as He places a shield around Ukraine. Humbling the nation of Russia, God causing their people to see through the deception of leaders, and to seek peace. Returning freedom to the Crimean Peninsula, restoring families.

Vladimir, Jesus is Watching you

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, the Lord of nations, the King of kings, Jesus Christ, is watching you. Even in the night hour He visits you, and He will not give you sleep, nor peace, until you choose peace. For as Ukraine may have been a child of Russia, it is now a nation of its own, and this is the Lord’s doing. You can no longer demand love, you must give love. Once your children were small, they needed you, and to love was not their choice. But now they are grown, and it is theirs to choose love.

In as much as one separates families, so to their family will be separated; In as much one takes land that is not theirs, so too land can be stolen from them.

It is time to turn back from the border, and choose the path of restoration. Choose now to be there father, not drive to be there master. Give love, and build a new relationships, and once again you can connect. Choose respect, and be respected.

Know that Jesus has set His hedge of fire around Ukraine, and any illegal crossing will be consumed by Him, and become their downfall.

May that which is from Jesus stand, but that which is from my own understanding fall to the ground, and I apologise if that has occurred. For your prayerful consideration.

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5 thoughts on “Putin, the Lord is watching you

  1. Ive been praying fervently for President Putin that he doesnt just acknowledge Jesus Christ, but that he lays down his life to do Gods will. He can see multitudes in the US are not true Christians, as in many countries as a whole. Gods Word tells us to seek Him with all our heart and look to Him for help, not man, not armies, and not nuclear weapons. He lifts up the humble but opposes the proud,,,not to pay back evil for evil, but to walk in peace. And certainly not naming a weapon “satan 2” threatening to wipe people out, revealing the devil is involved here.
    I pray President Putin lay down his life to do Gods will. At whatever cost as Jesus said if any man would come after me, let him pick up his cross and follow me. Oh Lord, speak to this man and remind him of your word. Whatever the cost may be, let him do your will in humility and love that trumps all. I pray your Holy Spirit speak to the depths of his heart. But most of all i pray Mr Putin would be saved as you promised eternal life to whoever believed on you. Most falsely believe if theyve been basically a “good person” that they will go to heaven. But your word says no one gets into heaven by their own goodness, only by the shed blood of Christ and the power of his resurrection. Christ was the only righteous ONE.
    This life is so temporary and then we enter eternity in heaven or hell. And i speak for all world leaders… if that position keeps you from truly believing and following Christ, get out of it. NOTHING in this world is more important than knowing you will spend eternity with God and not in hell. Jesus said if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off…meaning remove WHATEVER it is that will keep you from eternal life. So incredibly sad when people are on their death bed and look back at their life with such regret in how they spend it.
    People have only one chance in this life to believe on the Lord. Not talking about sitting in a church pew once a week. That makes no one a Christian. Jesus said a man must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven. For our life to be buried with Christ and raised a NEW creation. That new creation wont want to walk in sin, but will be humble under Gods hand, not threatening to destroy others, not aggression, but to truly love others. God will bless that man as his enemies try to harm him. God is his stronghold, not thousands of armies nor nuclear weapons of destruction. The LORD is our salvation and will mightily bless those who put their trust in him. Scripture says, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will remember the Name of the Lord our God!” I have eternal life in Christ. No nuclear weapon can remove that. “Be not afraid of those who kill the body but cannot destroy the soul. Rather be afraid of Him who, after your body is dead, has the power to cast you into hell.”
    And i think this about other world leaders. Peoples lives are at stake. People are more important than disagreements. Pride comes before a downfall God says. If holding an important position in this world keeps your heart from surrendering to the Lord and doing His Will, get out of it. Dont walk, but run. Obey God and walk in HIS ways. Do exactly what your heavenly Father told you to do because you will never have regrets when this life comes to an end. Those who cant get over upset in their heart? You get on your face and pray until you have compassion for your enemies and dont get up from prayer until you do. He will BLESS you.

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