God has not forgotten the Crimean crime of Russia

While Russia may think it can move on and progress its kingdom growth, know this President Putin and the people of that proud nation, the Lord Jesus Christ has not forgotten you crime in Crimea. See here for some insight to your mistake. The Lord God is the vindicator, and will take vengeance for the people of Ukraine and Crimea, for in your pride Putin (and your army) you have taken land He did not permit. You have indeed shed the blood of people from many nations, and still no repentance. As you have sown, so you will reap.

Watch and see, for the Lord stirs up a hornet from within your midst, and he will be the instrument of judgement. For surely, while the G7 maybe impotent, the Lord is not…He is the omnipotent one, and He reveals His hand before your eyes.

Repent, restore a nation, and seek the face of God, and then the hand of grace will be yours.

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