Contending for mercy

Through a prophetic dream more than a year ago, the Holy Spirit revealed that as the gathering of nations from across the world came to an end, some of the larger powers would be drawn in to war as the build up of military hardware and contention continued. This gathering I sensed was the Olympic Games, and at first it seemed like the summer games were the main trigger, but it seems they were only foreshadowing what could come after the winter games this year. Remembering after Winter, comes Spring, when the kings go out to war. And so, in the northern hemisphere, the season of war begins.

And yet, the Lord has warned of this occurring, and so He calls us to pray. In His mercy He knows our frailties, and how in our weakness we have not responded as we should during COVID, with only a few drawing nearing to Him. And so to in this war, the greed of man can lead to much more than it should. So, let us plead for His mercy, may those dogs of war attack each other, and peace descend in the Spring. Let those children of Ukraine and Taiwan rise up in to their destinies, not hindered by the parents of old. The voice of the sons and daughters are to be revealed, and heavy is the hand of God’s judgment against those who seek to enslave them.

Russia and China be warned. The God of heaven and earth has spoken, and your humiliation will be complete should you lay your hand on His anointed.

May, these word of prayer be joined with many more, and the God of peace prevail.

May the Lord expose the schemes hidden in the shadows, disrupt the alliances of war, and cause the proud to fall, and so diminishing the impacts of such anger. May a world war be avoided, either becoming a limited regional conflict, or nothing at all. Or perhaps its days are shortened by His mercy (Matthew 24:22). As the family of nations become drawn in to battle, may His grace be with those who uphold righteousness, and the will of God.” (Quote from prophetic warning given Jul 2021)

Lord Jesus Christ, You warned that in the future there would be wars, and rumours of war, and that this would come as the age draws closed. Even greater conflict as man and his ambition arises, lawlessness abounds, and forces of evil come against righteousness and justice as light and dark conflict in the unseen realms. You are the Prince of peace, and in You only true peace can be found, and so we cry out for Your mercy as this season of the sword unfolds. May the schemes of war be exposed, and the greed give way to selflessness, forgiveness abound, and Your light consume the darkness.

Lord, You who see all things, and knows all things, reveal to those who carry Your sword of righteousness the schemes of the enemy, even those who were once brothers and friends. In the land of deserts, Africa, and the middle east, cause the patrols of the righteous allies to have Your rear guard. Expose those who hide in secret, looking to trap the convoys of nations like a bird. Unravel the schemes of the Bear and Dragon, humble them before the world. Maybe in their humility they will seek You.” (Prayer for a word posted early in 2021)

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