Prophetic intercession for Ukraine

The following are recent prophetic prayers for Ukraine, as the led by the Holy Spirit, as He watches the conflict over that nation, and for the will of our Heavenly Father to be done. In this season, where the voices of the sons are to rise up, contention comes as the father’s of old seek to keep them silent, or enslaved. In the wisdom fo God, He calls the sons He has chosen to rise up, and make their decisions for Him. They are no longer slaves, but truly His sons and daughters in their own in and through Christ Jesus. Ukraine is such a son, and old Russia needs to let go, applauding this rise, rather than holding them captive to the past.

Many of the prayers are simply from the prophetic scriptures of the Bible as led by the Lord. Let us also content for Russia, may this nation arise afresh, seeing revival come as it casts of the shadow of darkness.

Contending for mercy

No longer a slave

Praise: The weapon of warfare

A prayer of Ukraine

The threefold prayer watch for Ukraine, and those with treacherous friends

A new prayer for Ukraine

Ukraine’s Testimony

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