A prophetic warning for Hawaii

Prophetic warning for Hawaii

I submit the following for your testing in God, and with some in-trepidation knowing many may not easily accept or receive such a word. I understand this “word of (message from) God” is about Hawaii, and is one I have prayed over for some time. It came in the form of a dream(s) one night, and I have held before the Lord Jesus Christ for a while. I sensing it is a warning, and knowing God can reveal possible futures to pray against, or actual futures to prepare for, so I pray that as a word of God it would travel to its destiny, and be heard, and if not from Him fall to the ground and do no harm. 
Prophetic dreams are not new to many, and the Bible reveals them being used to bring a message to humankind form God in the Old and New Testaments. The books Joel and Acts revealing this to be a ministry of the Holy Spirit. The key seems to be discerning if such messages are from God, and also there meaning. I share both the dream and the interpretation, in the hope they both edify or actually allow better understanding to be received by others.
The dream

On April 3, 2017, I had two dreams in quick succession of each other. Well they seemed like two at first, but in hindsight it would seem that they were the one message. 
In the first, I see people on an island (largish) moving towards a port where a large, older style, tall ship is berthed. Initially the people seem to be moving slowly, and even reluctantly. It seems I (and perhaps others) are warning of danger. The people start to realise that they need to react to the warnings, and start to move more quickly. Looking up I see dark clouds, and then three volcanoes. The third, and tallest, is erupting with lots of dark plumes/clouds, heat, etc. coming out of it. People are making there way to the boat in the port – a large ship like a square rigger of old.
Now panning back, I am looking down on the island, where the people are still just visible, and the full scene is revealed with the ship in harbour readying to leave, and the volcano continuing to emit dark clouds. Suddenly the volcano (which is a little out the back) erupts explosively, send massive shockwaves, and then debris and heat, destroying the land and all that is in the harbour…it seems the warnings could have been heeded too late…but it is to hard to see.

In the following dream I receive a package from my grandmother who I think hand delivers it (although it seems to have been in a post bag). It contains a note from her, and (maybe 3) cards we had sent her granddaughter. These are Christmas cards, and showed us that she treasured these cards…causing me to cry. We also receive a letter from the mother of the granddaughter, my grandmother’s daughter, which I started to read. As I do so I am disrupted and awake. The message was thanking us for our help and intervention in relation to an earthquake, or major event, in the United States. Interestingly, the three women in real life have passed on and are, I believe, with our Lord Jesus in heaven.

The interpretation

While I understand such dreams can have more than one meaning, and not just be a result of poor sleep or whatever, this is what I discern heaven was revealing in such a message. The package, cards, note, and letter, speak of messages from God. Probably messages that have taken some time to come, or have been waiting for some time to receive. 
The major event in the US spoken of in the letter, and the major eruption are one and the same. Probably pointing to a large earthquake, and volcanic eruption, and it seems on the land. The fact people were being warning in the first part, and the letter containing thanks for intervention, reveals that warning is being issued, and a response can have good results. Perhaps in action and prayer. The Christmas cards, and the mention of the three generations of women, revealing that it is probably the timing being around Christmas time – knowing too that one of the times that we would see three women together was a Christmas gatherings. It also speaks of agreement, and perhaps the time period – three years or the year. 
The large volcano, and the fact there are three of them, perhaps revealing the location in the US is Hawaii…noting it is an island, needing ships, and (following research after the dream) has three active volcanoes. Of the three deemed active volcanoes, the tallest is Maunaloa and last erupted in 1983, and apparently scientist believe is due for a major eruption. It is also understood (following more research after the dream) there are tall ships there, including one prominent one now no longer able to sail (Falls of Clyde). This ship may also be a reference to the early famous European explorer Captain Cook (who famously died there).

The warning

In summary, the dream appears to be a warning of a devastating eruption around Christmas time, something seen only once in every three generations or more, and perhaps potentially more destructive than in living memory. However the dream is a warning, allowing us to pray and even act now…perhaps watching for signs and being prepared move quickly. Watch for sudden rises in tremors, or perhaps more prophetic warnings. As for which Christmas, it is not clear, however the number three is witnessed a number of times in the dream, and therefore believe it could be speaking of it occurring this year (as the three fold witness came this year), but perhaps speaking more of an event in three years time, or in a year ending with ‘3’, e.g. 2023, or Hebrew year 5783, noting the last eruption of Maunaloa was in 1983 (See note * below). I tend to think it is the latter. I believe a threefold witness may come from others to confirm the meaning of this dream, and also the timing. 
If nothing else, should Maunaloa or another volcano on Hawaii start erupting around Christmas time, we have now been warned to get off that island. I guess should there be another island that sees a volcano erupting around Christmas time, do like wise, conscience that “now we only see in part”.
May God bless and keep the people of Hawaii, and new beginning arise as they turn afresh to Him. I trust the dream is from God, and so to its interpretation. If not, I seek your forgiveness, or if there is a better interpretation, then let it be so shared. However, unless otherwise guided by God, I pray that you respond as quickened by the Holy Spirit, knowing in His mercy the Lord God warns for salvation and/or protection.

* Note: The significance of the number three, and the timing of this event is not clear, however given this seems to be a prophetic warning, the real emphasis is to pray and be alert when you see the signs appearing.

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