Prayer Alert re Volcanoes and Quakes

Be on alert and in intercession for those places the Lord has on your heart, and sound the alarm as He gives breath. The groanings of the earth are in a season of increase at the moment as structures are tested, and pressure builds.

Volcanoes in Indonesia and Italy, quakes in the South Pacific, South East Asia, China, North and South America, and Russia, are but a few signs of this. Sense a major quake is brewing, may be even two, by the mercy and grace of God let the preparation and protection come in due time.

Some recent eruptions that have escalated:

Anak (child of) Krakatau:

Mount Etna:

We need to be wise as we watch what the Lord reveals, to pray against disaster or to warn as did Ezekiel and Agabus in the Bible. Let us not be distracted by media hype, but be led by the Spirit of God, and the intercession of Christ.

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