Prayer and prophecy for the USA

Prophetic Word (December 2020)

Jesus said, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:34,35)

As the USA emerges to new beginnings, now is the time to pray. Unity amongst the brethren will be its salvation, for the spirits of confrontation lie ahead. It is time for the Father’s voice to be once again heard in the nation, let those who carry His voice arise. The blessings upon the nation are not for itself, but to be a Defender of Righteousness amongst the nations, prospering as you serve others. Time to step forward on to the world stage, and not withdraw. Some cannot countenance that another President will emerge, and while good has been done by the one who trumpets, the Lord knows the heart of man, it is the Messiah who is your Saviour. Pray for your leaders, God is not afraid of them, and He can turn the hearts of any.

Be alert, the assassin is on the march, but he need not have his way. God’s government is not shaped by man, it is time for the Body of Christ to rise into its place as highest mountain. This comes as the foundations are restored upon the cornerstone of Christ. The lesson of the pandemic is to cast down the structures of man, return to your First Love, and get back to the ways of Acts where ecclesia moved only as the Holy Spirit led, in the truth of His Word, and by and in His power. “Some states have lost their way, but My people will not. Stand if I so call you or go to My place of refuge. In the network of the saints a great strength is built, and the canopy of My grace is extended over the land of My choosing.”

California do not think that you stand alone, not needing your brothers and sisters in the land of the eagle. For as one in the west, your wealth was given for the blessing of many, and your true foundation comes from those to your east. In your arrogance you have pursued your own folly, and surely if I had not raised up those faithful wells in your midst you would have had the fruit of your destructive heart. How long will you kick against righteousness, has not the fires brought you to humility, and will the weight of your sin be the tipping point that breaks your lines? Look again to the righteous within you, and follow their ways, they will lead you to the place of refuge.

New York, you are the apple of My eye, and yet why do you rail against Me and my people? The towers of steel cannot get you to heaven, nor the wages of your hands, only grace in My name opens that door. Come, for a moment you joined together, lifting each other up, revealing part of My heart. Do not forget the blessings that flowed from tragedy. How much longer will you strive in your own means, they will show you time and again that they do not become your canopy or refuge, only attracting the efforts of the enemy. Look to those whose face is set on My Son, learn from their peace. The spirit of Babylon will fall, come out from amongst her, and become what I see, a prophet to the nations.

The islands of Hawaii will see a great event, the Lord’s warnings reveal His heart is to save. Flee when the mountains burn, for you need not be caught in the rivers of brimstone. Cast down those altars on the mountains, and look to the Creator, rather than worshipping creation. How long will you call on those false gods? The blood of Christ’s messenger is heard in heaven. When the alarm sounds do not wait. Run, move, for the eruption is encompassing. The ground will shake to wake you up.

Our Prayer

Father in heaven, we long to hear Your voice afresh. Speak to our hearts, leaning not on the words of men or women, rather coming afresh to the very throne room of God through our Lord Jesus Christ, humbly seeking Your heart for our nation. Lord, forgive us for entering into the influence of the political spirits, and the ways of deception and death. Thank You for Your faithfulness, even when we were not, and for those faithful ones in our midst You have called to be a light in our darkness. Bless those who despite the warring parties, even within the church, have kept their focus on Your face, moving by the Holy Spirit in grace and truth. Let us turn to again to our One Saviour, Jesus the Lord.

Thank you, Lord, that You can change the hearts of our leaders like that of a water course. Come we pray, may the fear of the Lord fall on them all, and all your people. Lord we thank you that You are not limited by our democracy or government. Blow away the structures of man and the schemes of the enemy that have hindered our walk closer to You. Thank You for your call upon this nation to be One under God, and though the disunity of man may seem to continue, we thank you that You will not remain in Your anger because of our sins, rather in mercy wipe away the handwritings against us, bringing us on our knees before Your very presence where there is fullness of joy. Lord Holy Spirit, humbly we ask that You pour out into Your children the love of God, filling us up with Your power, causing Your church in this land to be warriors of love, preparing her to be the Bride of Christ, and training us for the armies of God. You have given us the Sword of Righteousness, teach us to wield it well, give us the boldness as a nation to carry it to all corners of the world to defend Your saints and purposes in the nations.

For our states, Lord You know their hearts, rend them for the things that rends Your heart. In Your mercy, do not leave California plundering in the darkness. Heed the cries of Your faith. As the shaking comes, may their souls be turn from wealth to the One who gave it so liberally. Let the righteousness amongst us flee from the coming pain. As You did for Your people Israel, let them not stay lost in their lust, but come and jolt us out of our complacency and the worship of our own hands. Let the idols of gold and false glory be exposed, and our hearts to the Father of lights, not the ones made with hands. You call us to dig deeper, to become the elders and teachers of this nation.

Lord open our eyes to Your destiny for New York, called us to be a prophet to the nation, and a place of Your coming glory, and yet in our arrogance we have fallen for the trap of Babel, believing in our own effort we can reach the heavens, even worshipping the works of our hands. As still towers crashed down, love emerged, and revival fires were lit, and yet the soon the merchants of wealth, and the deception of the enemy, caused our love to grow colder. Thank you for the fathers and mothers in faith You have place in our midst, cause them to rise-up to express You heart, prophesying from heavenly places. Let a new sound of worship arise over the city, songs and sound lines that brings unity, joining us with the angels to praise the King of kings.

Lord, by You grace You have sounded the warning for Hawaii, in Your mercy intercede for her. We acknowledge our hardness of heart, ignoring your sound, caring more for the desires of the soul, and some in our midst continuing to worship demons. Cause us to bow the knee in humility, and in Your mercy let not ours sins bring disaster. Should the warning bell sound, let the cry be heard. Bless You for the ships you bring to be a place of refuge. Lord, in the fire let there be cleansing, and a new beginning. Lord let hope arise from the ashes, and new life emerge. God, our Creator breathe upon a cleansed land, bringing fresh springs in the wilderness, and abundant life on the mountains.

Humbly we come before You, Jehovah Rapha, praying all this in the name of Jesus Christ.

“Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the Lord, “Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool. (Isaiah 1:18)

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