Tsunami warning

Earthquake: 5.5 – Japan, Kyushu on Wed, 21/11/18, 5:09 am AEST. (via QuakeWatch)

Sense the Lord is warning us about a Tsunami that could impact Japan in the near future, likely the Kyushu region. While the above quake certainly will not do this, its occurrence was confirmation to me of a forecast I felt that came from God of a much larger quake (perhaps R8+) and Tsunami coming sometime in the nearer future.

Such a warning a cause for intercession for I know He provides us such insight as way of praying against such an event, or at least to provide ample opportunity to prepare, such that the lives of the precious people of Japan are spared.

So sounding this warning in obedience to Jesus. May you discern before the Lord as to whether this is of Him, and if sensing so, intercede with Christ for Japan, may its heart turn to Him, and the sound of His word bring protection and relief to that nation.

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