Alaska Quake and repercussions – pray and intercede

Earthquake: 7.0 – Alaska, 13 km N of Anchorage on Sat, 1/12/18, 3:29 am AEST. (via QuakeWatch) Praying for Alaska, particularly for the people around Anchorage, may the Lord protect life and limb of her people. As a nation and particularly place that is one of the major heavenly gates, be on alert for the … More Alaska Quake and repercussions – pray and intercede

Tsunami warning

Earthquake: 5.5 – Japan, Kyushu on Wed, 21/11/18, 5:09 am AEST. (via QuakeWatch) Sense the Lord is warning us about a Tsunami that could impact Japan in the near future, likely the Kyushu region. While the above quake certainly will not do this, its occurrence was confirmation to me of a forecast I felt that … More Tsunami warning

Be alert for shaking

Threefold quakes between 6.5 and 6.8 occurred this day off the west coast of Canada. Be alert for these point to reverberating pulses that can (and will) trigger impacts elsewhere, however with intercession peace can come. Watch and pray, for the shaking continues, and strongholds tumble. Be alert gatekeepers of the Lord for Northern California, … More Be alert for shaking