A prophetic reminder for 5779 and 2019

As we draw near the end of 2018, it seemed right to share again (see earlier post) just my contribution of what I sensed the Lord God has revealed about what is to take place in the Hebrew year 5779 (which we are now in), and 2019. It also felt like the Lord was revealing similar messages through other prophetic voices now, and thus a prompt to share again in agreement the below….knowing the power of agreement in Christ Jesus.

For the years (Hebrew) 5779; and (Gregorian) 2019 – The Lord reveals we are entering in to a time of urgency for prayer and intercession and looking for the prophetic word of truth around which a remnant will act and pray. For He has sought for one(s) who would stand in the gap, repairing the walls that have been broken down by our sins, and compounded by the work of our enemy. For the God of Justice, will see the courts of heaven sit, and judgement passed on the prevailing sins of evil. The sceptre of the Son will come to smash the evil like clay pots. And yet, we enter a season of a special grace to gather His people and provide places and cities of refuge as we do so.

In this intercession there is both the standing in the gap, seeking God’s mercy, as well as being part of the birthing of God’s hidden good which will come forth in the decade to come. Now is the time to watch over both, and for the final preparation of what will be revealed in the following year (2020, 5780).

In His mercy the Lord has sent those who have spoken the truth, revealing the opportunity in God for destiny should we walk with Him, and revealing the sins in the church, and nations, that sadly have their own reward. In our arrogance many have chosen to ignore the warnings, and layer upon layer of corruption has been built in the governance of people, even in what man calls church. The Lord would say, “That soon the courts of heaven will sit in agreement, and their judgement will see grace and truth revealed. Nations, leaders, princes, prophets, priests, and the people will see the judgements come upon them, these will set My captives free, bring justice for the unheard, renew my church, and restore My destiny for My people. Sometimes it is necessary to scatter to rebuild. Those sins done in secret are being revealed, starting first at the church for their also begins His judgement”.

There is still time to rise up in the Lord, to stand in the gap, and build places of refuge where He is exalted, and in humility and dependence on Him, we seek His grace and mercy. The Lord Jesus does indeed provide the road to righteousness and forgiveness and is seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for us and calls His people to join with Him. He looks for those from amongst the princes, prophets, priests, and people who would gather together in the secret dwelling place with Him, even a remnant, who can see the hand of grace for Almighty God restored. In this we build place of refuge, arks of safety against that which is to come, and in His grace and mercy as saints agree in this move, they link to form places of abundant life and refuge over neighbourhoods, cities, and even regions.

Hear the Holy Spirit, “This year has a special grace upon it for such gatherings and favour, come quickly, gather in the round, and rebuild the walls”. Only pursue the Lord, bow your knee to His Son, seek His face, truth, and the leading of the Holy Spirit, casting down your crowns before Him. Now more than ever a time to seek His face, humble ourselves and pray, and turn from our wicked ways. In such gatherings a new outpouring is birthed. One of grace and truth, holiness and love, fire and water, such a move comes to counter the evil that continues to break forth. New gatherings will arise, prophetic and intercessory communities, led by the Spirit, honouring God and each other, and joining together in prayer and His word, as the Lord seeks renewal and rebirth. As we see in Acts, with Apostles Peter and John, or Cornelius, this year represents an hour of prayer where we will see miracles and angelic encounters that usher in new seasons in the church.

Those who are intercessory, particularly gifted in intercessory, will sense a strong call to come aside into the secret place of prayer, and joining with the Lord to be part of this move. There is a grace and favour from God for those precious few, and the Lord will bless them in their obedience to this call. Even in communities of prayer and the Word will flourish, particularly as they allow the Spirit of God to move and see His fruit and gifts revealed.

Heed the true prophetic words to spiritually rebuild the walls of His church and your cities with tempered mortar, this will also see actions of repentance and restoration in our ways. While there is a hidden good thing to be birthed, ignore those saying “good, good, it is all good now, and no judgement is to come”, profanely seeking to create their own gain or revival, ignoring the plight of their land. These are the false prophetic spirits sent to deceive firstly the Lord’s saints, and to keep them drinking only milk like babies. Be wary, for some declare “revival, revival is now”, and yet their churches are worshipping other idols and self, the shepherds get fat at the cost of the plans and purposes the Lord has for his sheep, even calling that which is sin not; their regions continue to walk in prevailing sin, ignoring God, even persecuting the saints, the needy, the stranger, the widow, and orphan. In this time, listen to the Spirit of the Lord, and heed the true prophetic insight, for in this season we need to discern well good from evil.

For the Lord watches over His word to perform it, His word will not return until it has completed that we it was released for. And hear the mystery, His word is eternal. The words released even ten years ago, and so much more, are still being made manifest. There is an unction on this word from 2009, see it will come to pass soon.

‘Do not be complacent; intercede for the lost and those who would be struck by the suddenly; in unity God commands a blessing.

 “For there are countries sitting before you that will suffer much violence; pray that the day would be shortened so that My houses shall stand and be a safe refuge for those around them”.

For it is time for the Church to rise up and intercede and see those around them receive shelter from the storm, even quieting the tempest as we glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and stand in Him. Interceding for the tribes and the nations as Aaron did with them over our heart. Weep until the Spirit is poured out upon us from on high, then peace will reign and justice dwell in the wilderness. Righteousness will remain in the fruitful field; it will be peace, quietness and assurance forever.

 “My people will dwell in a peaceful habitation, secure dwelling in quiet resting places. Blessed are those who sow and send out freely”, says the Lord.

In interceding against the violence and storm, there seems to be particular focus areas (seen as arcs/circles drawn) around the earth, beginning even now-October as the (Biblical) harvest is supposed to be nearing completion.

  • North & West China – West/Central India – Borneo/Indonesia – Philippines – Japan
  • UK/Ireland – France – Serbia – Turkey
  • California – Mexico – Cuba – Florida – New York State/Maine
  • Papua New Guinea – East Timor – East Coastal Australia – Tasmania – New Zealand (Nth Island) – Fiji – Solomon Islands

There is grace, grace, and more grace in Christ. Rise up with Jesus Christ. See His salvation break-forth. In Him be the shelter, the lighthouse; the maker of peace.

(Key Scripture: Is. 30:1 – 32:20)

For the full excerpt of this prophetic insight, submitted again for your prayerful consideration and testing, see hear.

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