Insight to 2015 (Hebrew year 5775)

Just looking at what the Lord God has revealed about these years through the picture He paints by the Hebrew characters representing these numbers, and the numeric values. I am sure there is more to be revealed.

In summary: An amazing season where the double and even quadruple portion of God comes of Him entering in to those with an open door to the Lord, and thus He overflows bringing nourishment, creative miracles, rest, and transformation. Where the Apostolic release will be manifested in a greater order (and in all His kingdom not just in the Church). A year in amongst a season of warring in the natural and spiritual, where we need to wage war with the Sword of God against the outbreak of major wars that occur or are threatened. The grace of God that brings an overflow of Him, Jesus Christ in us and His church, and thus being a sanctuary and answer in the season of war. A true place of rest, perhaps even from the season of war, where the battle strategy is to rest in Him. Watch for the King of kings entering the open door (and coming with His sword). Expect to see a renewed call to gather and watch for His return, and hearts of God’s people (Israel and perhaps even the Church) opened to receive a mighty move of God to enter in to our realm as preparation for Christ’s return.

20(15) – the year 15. 15 in Hebrew Yod (י) He (ה)

10 (Yod):

Yod (י) equal to 10: Is a picture of a arm and hand closed, or just arm and hand; resembling also a man in prayer. The meaning of yod being to work, throw, or worship.

The number 10 also speaks of God’s completeness, quorum, God’s order, and base number.

The symbol of Yod (י) speaks of His presence in all things, as that symbol is in all other characters of the Hebrew alphabet.

5 (Hey):  or ה

Hey (ה) equal to 5: Is a picture a man with arms raised. The meanings include look, reveal, breath, and behold. There is a particular sense of divine breath, revelation and light, and His creative power (ie. He spoke and it was). Gen. 1:3-4; Ps. 33:6).

The divine presence meaning of this character is also revealed when we look at the calling in to God’s purpose. When looking at the Hebrew, the introduction of He by God to Abram and Sarai creating Abraham and Sarah. This prefix to the names converting ‘a man’, to ‘the man’.

Also traditionally the character for He is said to be created when part (י – Yod) of Aleph (representing God) left to join the brokenness of humanity represented by Dalet, redeeming and bring God in man. Meaning opening the heart to the Spirit of God…and thus salvation and Christ in us. Aleph: א; Yod: י; Dalet: ד ; Hey: ה or הּ

5 is also seen in the Bible clearly, such as the 5 fold gifting (see Ephesians) of Christ; is the Apostolic number; and the full hand. Hebrew meanings also relating to 5 dimensions and the complete soul.

5775 the next Hebrew year

Represented by Hey (5) Zayin (7) Zayin (7) Hey (5) – ה ז ז ה – as all Hebrew letters also represent numbers.

5 (Hey – ה): See previous  section for meanings of Hey and 5.

7 (Zayin): ז  or ז

Zayin is a picture of a mattock or sword. Meanings include food, cut, and nourish. It is said to speak of war and food, and even warring for food.

7: Is the number of completion and rest, wholeness, and blessing.

Zayin also speaks of cutting time in to seven:

  • Shabbat (Sabbath) – 7th day
  • Shauvot = 49th day of Passover
  • Tishri – 7th month of the Hebrew year
  • Shemitah – 7th year of rest for the land
  • Yovel – 49th year.
  • Millenium kingdom – the 7th millennium of human history (week of millenniums).

Zayin (ז) is said to be a crowned Vav/Vau (ו or ו).  (Vav representing man and a straight light from God to man). Zayin is therefore seen to represent returning light (of heaven), Crowned man; King, and King of kings.

The Hebrew Year is more often represented ‘Hey (5) Tav (400) Shin (300) Ayin (70) Hey (5)’ – התשׁעַה  – utilising the addition of 400 and 300 to make 700 – thus 5775. The year can also be represented by ‘Hey (5) Nun (700) Ayin (70) He’ – ה  עַה – utilising the final form of the letter Nun in the Hebrew alphabet, although this does not occur often, but is a legitimate way of representing the year.

Ayin (עַ) is a picture of an eye, with meanings of: watch, to see, discern, shade, understand, and know. Thus giving a sense of the prophetic watch, as well as knowing/seeing what is coming. Ayin is sometimes described as having two eyes that have a common optic nerve leading to the mind (will), and the sense you can have a good eye or bad eye, and the obvious choice is to look with a good eye (and in humility) – see Matt. 6:22,23.

Tav/tau (ת) is a pictograph of crossed sticks, and is associated with meanings of: mark, sign, sign post, monument, and the Cross (of Christ).

Shin/sin (שׁ/שׂ) is apparently a pictograph representing two front teeth, and is associated with meanings of: sharp, press, eat, and two. In looking at the meaning and the opicture for ‘tav’ as well, for me it is easy to see the Cross that bore our sins  – represented by ‘Sin’, and the teeth on edge due to sin (Jer. ), and sharp nails that pierced our Saviours hands and feet. However having said that, in Judaism Shin also stands for the word Shaddai, a name for God. Look up for the coming of the Lord.

Nun (ן or נ) is a pictograph representing a seed, and has associated meanings of: seed, ‘son of’, heir, continue, son, faithfulness, and promised seed. Interestingly in Aramaic ‘Nun ‘also has the meaning of ‘fish’, and is this fish that was used as Greek symbol for Christ and Christians.

Hebrew Year 5775:

Thus we see (in the Lord) this year is:

  • Of the double portion (double, double in fact)
  • Of the Lord entering the house of the open door (Yod joining Dalet to bring Hey)
  • Of the overflow and double portion of the Lord in us
  • Of nourishment and food
  • Of war and warring for nourishment
  • Of the sword (in the natural and spiritual), with the Sword of God (His word) triumphant.
  • Of the Crowned King; Apostolic year. The Christ and His Sword.
  • Watch and see the Lord entering the open door.
  • Christ (who bore our sins in His body on the Cross of Calvary) is watching over His word to perform it, and see His Holy Spirit visit, invade, and fill the open doors of His house and His people.
  • The Seed of God, Christ (or is God), watches of His Spirit as He enter the open doors, and perhaps even the sense of watch for the Lord to come and invade again humanity.
  • Of rest and resting in the Lord.
  • Where the House of God is the refuge from war, and who prayers counter war.

Year 2015 (over lapping with 5775):

The year where the Lord enters in to us, our heart, His house in a new and fresh way – the Lord will overflow in us.

  • God entering in to the open doors (of our heart and life, and those who open their churches and businesses to Him) in answer prayer and worship
  • Creative miracles
  • Prophetic overflow
  • Of transformation in to the call; Of creation
  • Apostolic release.


So for 2015 and 5775….

Thus bring the two together, an amazing season where the double and even quadruple portion of God come of Him entering in to those with an open door to Him, and thus He overflows bring nourishment, creative miracles, rest, and transformation. Where the Apostolic release will be manifested in a greater order (and not just in the Church). One in amongst a season of warring in the natural and spiritual, and needing to wage war with the Sword of God against the outbreak of major wars that occur or are threatened. The grace of God bringing an overflow of Him in us and His church, and thus being a sanctuary and answer in the season of war. A true place of rest, and perhaps speaking of a season of rest from war.

We are also entering a period of the renewed watch (looking up) for Christ’s return, with a real sense we will see God entering His House., the Temple, and His people (Jews and Christians).

Season of the two realms – Hebrew decade 577(0-9)

When we consider this period we note the picture provided by God of ‘77’ (ז  – Zayin ;ז  – Zayin):

  • In the natural realm we see kings waging war with each other
  • In the kingdom of God realm (and way), we see kings in the Lord waging spiritual war and thus receiving nourishment and food.
  • In the season we need to remember the King of kings (Christ) has victory in all things. This in the kingdom of heaven will have victory, and be places of refuge and nourishment.

Blood moons and 2015

Much has been written about the four (tetrarch of) blood moons that start around Passover in 2014 (15/4/14), then at Sukkot (8/10/14), followed by again by Passover the following year (4/4/15) and finally Sukkot of that year (28/9/15). All this with a full eclipse of the sun occurring 20/3/15 in Nissan. There is Hebrew tradition pointing to the moon as signs pertaining to people of Israel (and perhaps by extension the church), and the sun the whole world.  This series of heavenly signs (Is. 13:10; Mk. 13:24,25; Joel 2:31; Acts 2:20) also occurring in 1492, 1948, and 1967, when major events have shaped the future of Israel.

When considering 2014 as the year of the open door, and 2015 as the year He enters the open door (of His house), there is certainly a sense that 2015 is going to be a big year, and perhaps see a great move of His Spirit and heaven on earth amongst His people, some suggesting even the return of Christ. Even now some intercessory gatherings are finding themselves called to watch/intercessory gatherings a year ahead of Passover in 5775 (2015) in response to the open door. Not only watching over the opening of the door this year, but His entering next year. These signs also speaking to the earth, and perhaps we should expect mighty event this year that will spring open stubborn doors, revealed ancient ones, or gentle moves as others simply response to Christ’s knocking at the door….allows His entering in.

Sense a strong movement of the Jews moving Christ as their hearts open to Him, perhaps preceded by events/anointing bringing repentance that leads to such open hearts.

6 thoughts on “Insight to 2015 (Hebrew year 5775)

  1. Danny here, I just read all the article and am so glad to hear that THE LORD wants and is indeed saying that HE will enter in those opened doors, the opened doors in our families, schools, neighborhoods, literally our houses and churches, HE will come and pour out HIMSELF even right now I prophetically see and behold this truth that GOD HIMSELF will provide and bless with heaps and heaps of overflow nourishment, rest, refreshing, the 5 fold ministry and release of intercessory prayer over the church, the brethren(Israel), and over the nations hallelujah, and right now Jesus I just say have your way and let us stay and watch and be ready in all things. 2015 here we come, look out world, look out people around me that might get a little bit offended about how the holy spirit may release himself out of me, but im saying LORD we need you more than ever, LORD this year, even this day, you got to come here, and I release your heart and your words in this place even now. Hallelujah for all of you carrying the heart of the KING rejoice and believe! FOr these are the words of GOD.. Believe! Believe! Put to death your worry and your past, For I the LORD am here and am in you and with you. Glory be to Heavenly Father. Bless the name of jesus bless the name of jesus daddy. I just release and pray the blood of jesus over the persons right now reading this and that your family and your house may be made whole and blessed and the way of the LORD is that he will defend you, the way of the LORD is that HE is proud of you the way of the LORD is that HE is for you and will be with you always. I got a last say to write and that is well its funny because as I was writing that last part I wanted to write The way of the LORD is that HE has the last say in any affair in heaven, and do we live in heaven? In the bible we are called as seated with CHrist in heavenly places. But actually that isn’t what I wanted to tell you. I actually received something from The LORD saying that were in the 9th month of 2014 so its easy as 1rst of all the jewish calendar calls it the beginning of the SHMITAH year which is another reason why we need THE LORD in all his HOLY SPIRIT HERE because IVE been a watchmen and there are multiple prophecies being released about the countrie’s weakened and is soon to collapse in 2015, but don’t fret more than you ought to, I know its scary, but just release this:
    HOLY SPIRIT 9 fruits of the spirit are:

  2. What about the thought that 5775 might mean the completion of the time of grace? Jesus spent 2 days (2000 years) with the Samaritan woman (the Gentiles) and then He went back to teach the Jews.

    1. Kerry
      Thank you for the insight, and an Interesting thought. I think the year 5775 and 2015 are milestones in the calendar of heaven. We are indeed entering the third day, and in fact in the early hours of that day, the 3rd day since Christ first came and then ascended. He is coming in the early hours, night hours, of the third day, I am sure you are aware that the Hebrew clock the new day starts in the evening when it is dark. This is why Christ talks of a thief coming in the night. My sense is that this third day is also the seventh day since creation.

      As to the ending of the season of grace, perhaps the rest comes at the end of this season as well. The Lord knows how long that rest is for the gentiles, and whether that is or at the same time as the restoration of the Jews. There is certainly a sense that this year marks a major acceleration of the opening of the heart of the Jew, and Christ entering in to their hearts. The prophet Zechariah points to this being a pretty eventful time. I sense God is saying we need to watch over March and April this year for signs in relation to this. Pray for Israel particularly.

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