European War or Not?

As Russia continues to build up heavy military forces in Crimea and the boarder with Ukraine are we seeing the precursor to war in Europe? Pray not. We are in the season when kings go to war, and as has been fortold, old empires are falling, new ones arising. Russia you may have overplayed your hand! See this interesting article from News Ltd and consider whether history is indeed repeating itself, or maybe this is a new phase.

There are larger forces at play, beyond the control of Crimea, and Putin is banking on others leaving things alone at first (well just diplomatic debate) and then quickly capturing new ground before Europe or UN responds. The war boat tactics of George W. Bush stopped the same thing happening in Georgia, but this year parties seems to blink first in Europe (and in the Whitehouse). I suspect the rest of Ukraine will not…now. Pray.


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