We need Tsunami of God’s Spirit..

We need Tsunami of God’s Spirit..

Pour It Out Church Symbol
Pour It Out Church Symbol

As Pour It Out Church states..’We, along with many other respected and established ministries, have been prophesying that a TSUNAMI WAVE of REVIVAL is about to sweep across this GREAT SOUTH LAND of THE HOLY SPIRIT, and we’ve had increasing urgency to prepare and build a place to host REVIVAL and the manifest GLORY OF GOD.’

As they note many have prophesied this for Australia, and certainly I have seen this as well. This is obviously something that involves a move of His Spirit that will remove the hindrances to knowing God, and brings move of love, revival, resurrection…and life. As Heidi Baker prophesied over Australia in May 2013…a wave of His Spirit, bringing much life, many fishes, and streams in the wilderness.

This is the opposite to the damage caused recently in the Phillippines, as a result of a natural disaster (TC Haiyan). Such destruction the complete opposite to God’s heart for that nation. May that country to receive the complete opposite to the recent event, a wave/move of God that brings life, love, healing, revival…and prosperous seas.

Tropical Cyclone Haiyan

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