2013 and the season that now commences

The Year 2013

The following is a sense of what I believe God is saying about this year and the season it marks.
(Have been sitting on this for a while)
The year God – it is about our Lord and His sovereignty; where the sovereign hand of God is revealed, and His royalty is a key focus. Divine perfection.
The year of walking out the promises – walking in to the promises and answered prayers (that may have been sown for many years). It is about long held hopes being realised.
On the move and also being carried – where people will see themselves moving home, job, what they are in moves…and there is a real sense that for many this will be a carrying.
The year of gathering before God.
Whereas 2012 was about building the house spiritually (e.g. through intercession and prophecy), this year is about walking in to the house.
Responsibility – walking or carried into roles with greater responsibility and thus maturity.
Apostolic appointment – before God, by lot addressing the gap. Even the release of those who walk like the apostles of old. In the mystery of the appointment of Matthew (Matt. 9:9; Mk. 2:13,14), not based on criteria like Matthais (Acts 1:23-26), rather the direct call and placement by the Lord Jesus..the “Gift of God”.
The year of stepping in to destiny.
Need to move quickly to help build the “house”, restoring ancient walls and cities. This is a house viewed through Kingdom of God eyes, goes beyond (but includes) church in to the house of His people and creation.
Building the house called Bet Challah, the House of Manna/Sabbath bread – the place of double portion.
Hidden treasures revealed – Apostolic; and about the word of God (perhaps even over lives and regions).
The year of preparation – for the house is needed! (As Noah, As Moses, As John the Baptist). Also speaks about the ‘structure of waiting’ (Acts 1:12-26).
[Zeph. 3:12-20 – A meek and humble people, gathered, restored. Given for fame and praise, with evil dealt with]

Some Background
13 – 1 and 3, and thus 1 (the oneness of God/the one God) and 3 (perfect trinity of God as with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit)
13 – Hebrew background using numerical value of that alphabet.
13 = י ג = 10+3 = Yod (Y) Gimel (G); Written ג י- as Hebrew is written right to left.
י (Yod) – means hand (closed/working hand, also praising/praying hand, arm moving; Higher level of activity, hear.
ג (Gimel) – means camel (literal meaning); foot; symbolically to lift up, pride; Important ideas; Divine completeness; Gather, walk, foot (picture) – ancient meaning; walk (to), gather.

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