Year 2012 and a season

Year 2012 and a season

Sense the Lord Jesus is saying this for the year now started and a bit beyond.

The year of birth. The angels of the Lord are declaring the arrival of a new era – a new and perhaps final chapter in the current age…the beginning of the end. At the end of this year many will be able to look back and see this as a most significant start to a new chapter in the life of the church and the earth.

It will be a year of extreme – in the natural, spiritual. Blessings will abound for some, and others tragedy/sadness. For those who abide in the Lord…joy.

A year where promises held in the heart are birthed, and where realignment comes – renewal and restoration of His people (old and new). The joining of the rod of Exekiel will unfold.

Where old empires fall and new arise; Where that which was prepared for in 2011 (the fall of the old, such as Egypt and Libya) continues with the arising of new nations.

The year will be know as the year of the horse. The war horse, where in the spiritual this mighty steed will be running to and fro across the earth. A mighy move of the Spirit, we are to simply hold on and run with this move of the Holy Spirit bring blessing from heaven, and taking ground for God’s kingdom on earth. Hold on tight, like the Light Horsemen, ride with the speed of the steed, moving quickly, surprising the enemy, led by the Lord, and great is the victory. In the natural the war horse will also be recognised by many, and peace will be broken.

The rise of Africa gains momentum – watch over the north, east and south. A new confederate of nations arising, Positioning of His people revealed – time to be intentional. The Commonwealth of God to be established, first here and abroad.

India – much pain for the old empires, but out of this arises a jewel, one that we will see a great light she abroad for the good. A time for realignment, and establishing of God’s governmental structure in the Church and beyond. Watch for the monsoon rains.

China – reaching out in power; bringing war (at times in the shadows). North Koera falling completely; and South Korea its only hope….but know the victory of Christ has a mysterious way. Divisions grow. China’s drive for power reveals its weakness, with faltering economy causing pain..but more for its neighbours.

The Eastern Empires continues to take shape – watch for new and stronger alliances arising in South East Asia (prepared to be surprised). Malaysia reaches out to Indonesia and Korea. Watch for Borneo; Taiwan key.

The Americas – turmoil; tumult and change. Fighting to hold the positions on the world stage. The US and Canada’s partnership will be tested – Central America collapsing; South America erupts – but so to in the spiritual with many souls harvested for Christ. Transitioning president to a new place of politics in Europe.

The age of the technocrats unfolds – government structures fall to the deceit of mammon and the shadowy figures of Babylon. EU takes a new shape, with IMF, World Bank, ECB, G20 and UN forming a new alliance “for the sake of Europe”. One that will see a new President arise.
Yet a chance also for the new church to arise, and the ancient ruins to be rebuilt – sub and hidden unions occurring.

A world at war with itself – let the gatekeepers and watchmen stand in the gap.

Australia – Governmental shift (spiritual and natural); Outbreaks of the new with ancient wells released; oversight moving to God appointed governance for the nation – Kingdom of God focussed. Let this arise. Rivers of gold begin to flow across the nation.

Key milestones dates – Olympics (summer and winter). July very significant – position yourselves ready for that time. Presidential elections.

New releases of signs and wonders – acceleration – and includes time travel.

Inventions and new technologies take a quantum leap – the final frontier opened up in a new way.

Release of apostolic teams and the prophet’s voice heard in all realms.

In the church across the globe the “joining of the dots…new wineskins”. A time to choose..the old or the new?

Angels on the move, mighty ones…Gabriel and Michael – for such is the era and the need for its decree. The trumpet and the sword!!!

Meteorological phenomena increase as to the extreme, but the church and the kingdom workers are His sanctuary – even turning back the waves of destruction.

United Kingdom – chance to stand firm as the defender of the faith; To be a bright and shining light – only repent for lukewarm states receive their sowing. Pray for true unity in this kingdom.

Shaking continues…Force 9.

Japan – the toppling of the old makes way for the new. Disaster. Arise the force of God.

Germany – need to intercede; for the position of power they are in will shape Europe, and yet the root of evil remains as a echo – a test for the nation.

A time to build the defences, restore the gates, man the watches, and open up the house for the coming glory. A call to arms.

The banner of Justice unfurled…and the Lord’s army harkens to it. Lets the Josephs and Daniels arise, and release the Jonah anointing.

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