Gold in the Gold Coast..if you dig a little deeper below the “surfers”ace

While on a business trip to the Gold Coast, felt the Lord impressed the following word for this region.

Gold in the Gold Coast ….when you dig a little deeper below the SURFERSace.

Our Father in heaven is bringing the nations and their kings to His Son here in this place. Will they meet His presence?

The Lord will call to this place and say, “Do not look to the past glories, or even those that you can make, rather reach to the Glory of God, pulling on heaven that it may dwell in this land, pursuing the face of God, Jesus Christ Lord of all nations. Pursue His presence that the nations may meet Him, and bring their gifts.”

And the Lord will cause the wave of crime to come to a halt as He raises up waves of righteousness and His Spirit – these will sweep through this land as we seek Him, and meet the hand of grace. Only go deeper, below the surface, for there you meet His glory, deeper into His heart, deeper in to His love, there you meet His mercy.

If sharing this I trust you will prayerfully consider it, and pray and act accordingly. Interestingly as if to confirm all this, in almost the exact space I received this revelation, my wife and daughter witnessed two citizens apprehend a robber who tried to steal something in the middle of the day in a busy shop precinct. They held down until the police arrive…the crime was brought to a halt.

I do sense that the waves mentioned above will also be mirrored in the natural. I think that the reference to nations be brought to the Gold Coast refers to the recent success in winning the right to host the Commonwealth Games here in six years time…thus the time of preparations established.

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