Judge and defender

(Word I believe I received from the Lord God..22/9/2011)…for testing

Am I a Father who is far off and distant, a God with a cold heart, one with no care? No! Then why do you say I will not contend for My Word, care for My children, and protect My flock?

For surely I am the Lord close at hand, who is in you, and a heart beat away. Surely I will not stand by and allow evil to go unpunished, and the innocent sleigh until the last day/end.

Do you not believe that I, the Judge, know the heart of man. I AM the Lord Jesus Christ given to judge the living and the dead, appointed so by My Father. Have I not known from the beginning those who would be mine, and those who would fall under judgement preferring darkness over My light. Am I not the one whom weeps over Jerusalem, pleading for their return; and yet wickedness has bound them, pride has blinded them.

Will I not defend then innocent, the orphan, and the widow, crushing evil, setting free the oppressed. My eyes are on the righteous, I harken to their cries. Now is the judgement of the world. I AM grace and truth, and though truth does abound, so much more My grace, and yet there are those who believe that evil will reign unchecked until My return. I AM the God of the living; I have passed judgement, those who have My Word and believe, do not enter into the judgement, but pass from death into life.

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