Sons and daughters arise

A word from the Lord Jesus..Received 22/9/11

Now is the time for sons and daughters to arise for surely this nations groans in expectation of their arrival.

And yet will the mothers and fathers honour the sons and daughters, making way for them, for surely out of them flows rivers of living water that will heal this land.

For (surely) My qualification this time is not age or maturity, position or status, but My Spirit says the Lord.

For now are the appointed times for My children, My friends, who know Me, to arise, who know love and honor. Behold I do a new thing, do you not perceive it, a thing you have not seen before, where the children come before the parents.

They have honored you, now you are to know them and lift them up, making way for their arising. For great is this movement that arises, powerful is My Spirit upon them, and it’s calling is deep unto deep.

Now is transition.

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