What to expect in 2014 (and beyond)

What to expect in 2014 (and beyond)

Summary: Doors open, time shift, sudden expansion, re-emergence, supernatural supply, new vision, God’s hand on His house, family, standing in the gap, alignment of clocks, and unfolding prophecy fulfilled.

Key Scripture – Philippians 3

Doors open – As the Hebrew alphabet suggest for the picture of 14 (Yod Daleth), expect to see doors open as an answer to prayer. Perhaps even new doors to green fields/pastures. Be encouraged that there are places of rest and refreshing to be had this year,even homes. Know the positioning is correct, even though there may be a few fields to choose from, the right one will be clear. It is important to recognise both the placement of God and time or season you find yourself. Go with this, and seek to understand the God perspective on the time you are in, rather than man’s limited view. Some may feel they are behind the times, others in advance, however for you it is most important to know that while some will see you being left behind, God sees you more advanced than them, and waiting for others to catch up.

Time shift – Be prepared to move if it is clear you have been asked to shift time, perhaps stepping out of your routine and ‘normal way’, even leaping forward in to new things that you had been waiting for the perfect moment. God will also intervene here and you will find yourself leaping forward in time and/or place. If you do not feel this that is ok, time jumps only needed for those stuck in the wrong time. Seek the support of others with insight from heaven as to the correct season, and perhaps they might even be the instrument of God used to help catapult you forward into the correct time zone.

Sudden expansion– Quantum leaps in the increase of resources, positions, promotions, provision,church family, and most of all the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Strongsense that some will see a leap or increase in items they have been watching and praying over, and often in the area where the Lord has been using time andevents to build the capacity to handle such an increase. The faithful who havebeen digging in to the Lord to sustain themselves through hard times will seethey have built foundations to handles the sudden expansion that occurs. Such rapid expansion will also be noted by some in industry and regions.

Re-emergence – A season where those who have felt they have been hidden for a season, though previously more prominent in ministry, work, or family, will see themselves re-emerge in to more public or overt roles. Often by invitation, or simple recognition or honouring of who they areby others, will also include increased favour, and these hidden treasures will re-emerge to lead or help many through the next season.  Such individual have been in a time of preparation, or evening re-focussing on what is the key – relationship with Godand others – and thus building the capacity to handle well the season to come.

Supernatural supply– Expect to see that which seems to have limited supply, supernaturallyincrease as it is used. Whether it be resources, words (of knowledge orprophecy), helping hand, money, or skills, there is a strong sense many will see the types of increase those widows connected Elijah and Elisha saw in the Old testament, as well as those 4000 and 5000 men who were fed by the hand of Jesus Christ and a few supplies.

New vision – This year for some will be about preparing for the coming season by receiving fresh or new vision for the period that lies ahead. This will see old dreams laid down, and new hopes and aspirations emerge as they place themself in the vulnerable position of seeking first God’s now insight for them, their family, or community. It is clear that such willingness to pioneer the new is needed inorder to be able to ride the power that will come our way soon.  Seek new vision, and let go of the old, and will not miss the blessings of the season to come, or be blown away.

God’s hand on His house – In the season which is so much about God and His presence in His house, the year will see more sovereign moves of God where leaders and elders in churches will receive direct revelation associated with shifting or changing the direction of their church, and the governance of the community. The wisewill be willing to go with such divine intervention from God, rather than resist due to good history. It is a time when the apostolic and prophetic gifting will be increasingly position in the church governance structures, honoured, but serve in humility. Such a move coming through surprising “changes of heart”, or bold, and perhaps prophetic intervention from surprising quarters, as people step forward in the grace and favour God releases upon their lives. As God is about the whole of His kingdom, then expect to also see the sovereign hand of God intervening in the government and leadership of community and business.

Family – Expect to see a renewed focus on family, be that in the natural or church sense. We willsee even far flung sons and daughters returning to the home land, and like the‘prodigal son’ restoring their relationship with family and God. For some thiswill be necessary for a season to re-establish relationships before setting outagain on new adventures, for others this is about coming home. Interestingly this is about both spiritual homes and natural homes. Of all the things occurring this year, and at this time, this is probably the most important. This coming home…or finding home…is essential in order to be able to walk through the event that will unfold shortly in the world.

Standing in the Gap –Expect to see some arise who will stand in the gap for their region, community, home or church. These are not only interceding and praying for those people,but also speaking in to, and actioning, what is required to (re)build suchplaces for the coming times. For some this will be a special grace for prophetic intercession, led totally by the Holy Spirit. Often his will be more a group rather than an individual. It is essential that those prompted by such building and intercession arise and are supported in this endeavour, and resourced, as times ahead will require such action.  For blood lies in the years ahead, but the house built by those who will stand in the gap, become homes (and even regions)of refuges. There are those, who like Nehemiah, will find themselves undertaking hidden work to determine the placement and state of ancient ruins(and dreams), preparing for their restoration.

Alignment of clocks– 2014 (where 14 is Yod Dalet) is also largely the Hebrew year 5774 (74 is AyinDalet, or seven times Yod , 10, giving 70 plus Dalet,4). A year when many would say there is a stronger alignment between heaven’s calendar and the worlds giventhe calendar used by the Israelites is one provided by God, and one we use defined by man, but milestoned by God, and His redemptive plan. Such an alignment will require us to be able to read the seasons, and look for the point of connection as the clock of heaven determines the rhythm of earth.  This is about Chairos time, where the momentof God meets with the time of the world (Chronos).

Unfolding prophecy – Remember we are still in the seasons revealed by previous revelations of God from 2010 and onwards, so keepwatching to see those things come to past. This is like layer upon layer of God’s revelation. Key themes include:

  • Love arises
  • Treasures in darkness revealed
  • The greater of God revealed
  • Governmental shift (and restoration)
  • Is. 41 (Speaking of: Coastlands and ends of theearth; Threshing mountains; Whirlwind; Opening up rivers and fountains;Upholding His people – particularly persecuted/downtrodden; Causing anointedleader from North/East to arise; New plantings in the wilderness; Idols Judged)
  • Is. 54 (Speaking of: Enlargement/Expansion;Opening; Children of barren; Mountains departing/removed – also speaks ofearthquakes; Fiery coals; Blowing hot coals; Spoiler to destroy; Evil weaponsdestroyed; Unlocking treasures; Inheritance; Gems for building of His city) –also perhaps Is. 55:1,2 (waters released, supernatural provision)
  • New empires emerging, old ones falling apart orchallenged
  • Kingdom wars, and battles of empires – complete and total warfare strategies
  • Shaking of nations, church, and state in preparationfor restoration and renewal – to reveal His greater glory
  • Invention and new technologies taking a quantumleap
  • Call to worship and intercession
  • See also words for nations
  • Meteorological phenomena increase as to theextreme, but the church and the kingdom workers are His sanctuary – eventurning back the waves of destruction.
  • Greater Eastern Empire
  • Years of building the houses of God spiritually,then walking it out, and now entering in.
  • New birth
  • Gathering to God
  • Year God – about His lordship and sovereignty
  • Big things, Big waves.

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