Heidi Baker Word at Healing Rooms Conference May 2013

Heidi Baker Word at Healing Rooms Conference May 2013

Prophetic word spoken by Heidi Baker at the Inpouring Outpouring Conference on Friday, 17th May, 2013:

“The Lord showed me during worship… He said that Australia was going to …woh! … see rivers in the desert… rivers in the desert… woh! I felt like there was going to be like flooding in the natural and it has to do with the spiritual realm and…umm… that God was going to send a really big wave of His Spirit in Australia, a big wave of His Spirit like a river and…ah… there would be fish…fish…fish…fish. Umm I see, I feel like in the natural somehow there’s going to be something happening in your oceans where there’s fish, more fish…ah… I just see fish. It’s like a sign… floods, fish and rivers in the desert… 3 signs. God’s bringing a move of His Spirit…ah… a greater move of the Spirit… His Spirit in Australia and, umm, I see… woh! … I see fish of many kinds and I see a lot of people coming into the Kingdom and …ah… the word says…. holy… fish of many kinds. And I see different nationalities and different tribes and colours and races coming into the Kingdom in Australia. I feel like God’s going to move among the indigenous people in a more powerful way. Woh! And I see the Lord just moving among the different ethnic groups and I see the Lord just bringing them together in this, like the flows of the streams of the rivers of God. And the Lord wants to do it in this nation and I feel like His people are just prepared and I hear the word ‘primed’, that you’re primed, you’re primed and ready, that you’re primed and ready for a move of God. He says, ‘Don’t be afraid when strange fish come into your meetings.’ Hey! I see people that you wouldn’t normally count as friends. I see Bikers coming in… ah… people totally tattooed up. I see different nationalities. I see people in suits which is definitely not some of your tribe but I see them coming in in their suits and they’re getting wrecked. I see them, umm, sitting right next to people with purple hair, green hair, piercings. I see people coming in… umm…. I even see…. this is going to freak some of you out… it’s probably not even allowed in your building, but I see people like homeless people coming in with their dogs and they’re sitting next to business men and business women and there’s this multiplicity and this… it’s very powerful and it’s like Kingdom, and the Kingdom of God’s breaking down the barriers between the rich and the poor, between Caucasian and Asian and Aboriginals and…umm… all different races and tribes are going to come together in Australia. Umm… it’s going to be a land of great beauty in the spirit realm with…umm… beauty and diversity. By that I mean just different people groups and different peoples and they’re coming together to love and praise the Lord and people are letting down their guard. They’re saying, ‘Welcome’. Kind of…ah… I see some ushers like… you know… it’s really funny. I was greeted tonight and someone had a big bucket of mints……… I saw these people taking whole fistfuls of mints and stuffing them in their pockets. And I saw eyebrows raised a bit and then smiles coming over your faces and you thought, ‘ah, they’re welcome’. And I saw a genuine, ‘You’re welcome here’ and I felt like it’s going to be very beautiful because people, um, in churches that normally wouldn’t have a concern or a desire to spend time making friends with the poor and the homeless…ah… the Lord says He’s going to put a great desire in your hearts… hey!… and you’re going to just enjoy spending time with them… and they will take fistfuls of your mints but don’t worry…hey!… because they’re going to share them with their friends…wow!

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