Some Insights for 2020 (and Hebrew Year 5780)

The following is some prophetic insights for the year 2020 (and Hebrew year 5780), as discerned from God. For prayerful consideration and testing with the Lord Jesus, for now we only see in part.

In Summary

This is the year of consummation and confluence. A war and a wedding feast will have their place and time. Chapters in life close, and new ones begin. Where many of the promises and prophecies of God spoken in the last season (maybe even a decade or more ago) will come to their end point and fulfillment. The Lord will consummate a new thing which is the joining of great forces, often two by two. The joining will include a marriage of two streams of His Holy Spirit, as reflected in the Body of Christ. We will see fruition of early discussions, with those who seek the Face and Word of God, joining with those who pursue the move of the Spirit. While there have been forays in this, in many ways this year and season marks the consummation of that marriage. Those who associate themselves with the abiding in God, evangelism and prophecy, will join with the Pentecostal and charismatic focus of others, to see His body more effectively be Spirit and Truth. This also marks a season of great confluence of other parties and expect to see new alliances being finalised. This may mean clashes and turbulence, or storms as these forces collide and merge.

There is a special grace released in this season for unions and gatherings that involve the coming together of people and cultures (and consummations of such). A great year for marriages and partnerships to occur. Watch also for new alliances being formalised between countries, particularly between those in SE Asia with larger empires. This may bring new tensions on the global stage.

This is the season of establishing the new things who birthing started in 2018/5778, where visions and dreams begin to take true form. This season will see the hand God move in powerful ways, with blessing and provision following, and a fresh outpouring of gifts from God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

There is a strong sense of the ending of one period, and the beginning of new chapters, and as this transition occurs expect a war and a wedding feast, with contradictory forces playing out as prophecies are brought to bear that spoke of judgement and destruction, as well as building up and fruitfulness. This is a season where the wicked will know destruction, and the righteous justice, for the council and court of God will be seated with special intent, and pass down their judgment. Those who have been holding on to the promises of God, and more importantly the Lord Himself, through much injustice and trial, will see their prayers answered as the council of God meets, and manifests justice and redemption. Many of those things for which an end was prophesied will finally be manifested in this year. Marking the end of something that has been dying, or the end of one move of God to make way for a new work of the Spirit of God.

Hallmark of this year will also be the sword, reflected in the spiritual realm (Word of God), and natural realm (war and destruction). The Word of God will be heard in the streets, cities, governments, churches, and enterprise, releasing blessing, creativity, ideation, and destruction. This voice will rise up from those who know the Lord and have been trained by Him to bring forth the Shepherds voice. Seer prophecy will multiply with revelations received, and those who heed its sound reaping its blessing and mercy. These are the prophets who have been trained in the Spirit and Truth of God, humbled by Him, and who seek only His glory…not another’s.


Some Background

The following is provided as some background to the above. It is simply a sample of some of the inputs received on this journey of prayerful discernment with Christ.

Consummation, meaning:

  • Completion, full end – Daniel 9:27; Is. 10:23
  • Destruction, failing – Is. 10:22; 28:22
  • End, goal
  • Act of consummating, or state of
  • Completion of marriage by sexual intercourse, climax
  • Mop up, windup
  • Completion, culmination, closing
  • Fulfilment, brought to an end
  • Fruition, realisation
  • Conclusion, closure, end, finish, end of the line, termination, stop, period
  • Achievement, perfection, conclusion, culmination

Confluence, meaning:

  • The place where two rivers flow together and become one larger rive
  • A situation in which two things join or come together
  • Broader: A confluence of factors; A confluence of events
  • A coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point
  • A confluence of cultures; a happy confluence of events
  • A confluence of forces
  • A gathering together, especially of people
  • A merging, flowing together, especially of rivers
  • Flowing together of two or more streams
  • A place where they join, or stream formed in this way
  • A coming together as a people, throng, crowd

Isaiah 9,10,28


The metaphoric rivers (Genesis 2) that may be merging, particularly those that are similar in meaning to the Euphrates and Tigris.

Pishon: Meaning – Dispersive, act proudly, grow up, grown fat, spread selves, be scattered, great diffusion, free flowing, shaking the region; In land of Havilah where gold, bdellium, and onyx stone abound); Does not exist after the flood -> a stream that became large and scattered, but also fat, and conflicted due to its wealth.

Gihon: Meaning – Stream, gush forth, to issue, break forth, labour to bring forth, come forth, draw up, take out, gushing, bubbler, break forth; While river of Eden, also pool/valley near Jerusalem; Does not exist after the flood -> a stream that breaks forth suddenly, with great vigour, and yet other then continue to labour to make it happen; like stream or revival outburst.

Euphrates: Meaning – Good parat or good bountiful on, fruitfulness, that which makes fruitful, good multiplication, good fruitfulness, expand, divide, multiply, split -> a stream that is fruitful due to the sowing of the seed, and or abiding in the Lord, and one that expands even through division.

Tigris (ancient name Haddakel or Hiddakel): Meaning – Rapid, sharp rapids, swift, rapids, keen frivolity, light, frivolous, the swift river, great river, great water; Tigris meaning tiger; ->a stream characterised but rapid moves of the spirit, Pentecost like, quick moving, and maybe unpredictable, can become great revivals, and usually swift in nature. Fierce and strong, and perhaps also associated with the tigers nations of SE Asia, and India.

Streams of living water (John 7:38)

Hebrew number insights:

2020 = 10×2; 10×2 = Courts are seated and judgment pronounced.

10 (Yod):

Yod (י) equal to 10: Is a picture of an arm and hand closed, or just arm and hand; resembling also a man in prayer. The meaning of yod being to work, throw, or worship. Also speaks of the hand and potential of God.

The number 10 also speaks of God’s completeness, quorum, full council/court God’s order, and base number.

The symbol of Yod (י) speaks of His presence in all things, as that symbol is in all other characters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Kaf (כ) is equal to 20, speaks of palm, palm of God, blessing, provision, gift in the palm, praise, receive.

5780: Represented by Hey (5) Zayin (7)  – or maybe Nun (700) – Pey (80) -‎ ה ז פ  – as all Hebrew letters also represent numbers, reading right to left when looking at Hebrew word.

5 (Hey):  or ה

Hey (ה) equal to 5: Is a picture a man with arms raised. The meanings include look, reveal, breath, and behold. There is a particular sense of divine breath, revelation and light, and His creative power (ie. He spoke and it was). Gen. 1:3-4; Ps. 33:6).

The divine presence meaning of this character is also revealed when we look at the calling in to God’s purpose. When looking at the Hebrew, the introduction of He by God to Abram and Sarai creating Abraham and Sarah. This prefix to the names converting ‘a man’, to ‘the man’.

Also traditionally the character for He is said to be created when part (י – Yod) of Aleph (representing God) left to join the brokenness of humanity represented by Dalet, redeeming and bring God in man. Meaning opening the heart to the Spirit of God…and thus salvation and Christ in us. Aleph: א; Yod: י; Dalet: ד ; Hey: ה or הּ

5 is also seen in the Bible clearly, such as the 5-fold gifting (see Ephesians) of Christ; is the Apostolic number; and the full hand. Hebrew meanings also relating to 5 dimensions and the complete soul.

7 (Zayin): ז  or ז

Zayin is a picture of a mattock or sword. Meanings include food, cut, and nourish. It is said to speak of war and food, and even warring for food.

7: Is the number of completion and rest, wholeness, and blessing.

Zayin also speaks of cutting time in to seven:

  • Shabbat (Sabbath) – 7th day
  • Shauvot = 49th day of Passover
  • Tishri – 7th month of the Hebrew year
  • Shemitah – 7th year of rest for the land
  • Yovel – 49th
  • Millenium kingdom – the 7th millennium of human history (week of millenniums).

Zayin (ז) is said to be a crowned Vav/Vau (ו or ו).  (Vav representing man and a straight light from God to man).  Zayin is therefore seen to represent returning light (of heaven), Crowned man; King, and King of kings.

Nun (ן or נ) – 700 – is a pictograph representing a seed, and has associated meanings of: seed, ‘son of’, heir, continue, son, faithfulness, and promised seed. Interestingly in Aramaic ‘Nun ‘also has the meaning of ‘fish’, and is this fish that was used as Greek symbol for Christ and Christians.

700 could also represented by 7 (Zayin)  x 100 (Qof). Where QoF talks of sun on the horizon, revolution, circle, horizon, time, complete; or, sewing needle, eye of the needle, nape of neck, monkey. Noting that in modern Hebrew there is no distinction between Qof and Kaph.

Pey (פ): Equal to 80, the pictograph brings out meaning of mouth, word, expression, speech, vocalisation, see then speak (as after Ayin), divine spark, creative word

9 thoughts on “Some Insights for 2020 (and Hebrew Year 5780)

    1. Thank you for sharing. Agree. For me it was important that one aspect of 2020 is that it overlaps with Hebrew year 5780, where the Hebrew character that represents 80 (Pey) is a pictograph representing an open mouth. Thus references to prophecy, and the spoken word. Sense this also speaks of a grace for preaching. A good thing perhaps as God’s answer to the other words clearly spoken by contrary forces, even perhaps the pompous words (as per Daniel 7). Sorry, I am sure you are more than aware of all this. Shalom.

  1. I appreciate your insights. First, read your 2018 interpretation and its meaning with the Hebrew year. Keep up the good word.

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